Regular Show

Season 2 Episode 15

Temp Check

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Apr 11, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rigby hires a temp

    Rigby becomes so lazy about doing his job that he decides to hire people to do it for him. An otter named Doug volunteers, but unfortunately, he begins to steal Rigby's life. This episode was perfect, but it was not my favorite episode. The plot was kinda great to see. I laughed at some parts such as Benson telling Mordecai and Rigby to do the grass measure thing again, Rigby try to hire people but they ignore him, Doug knowing to do Rigby's voice, Benson decide which one is the real Rigby, and the ending. Overall, a superb episode of Regular Show. 9/10
  • Awesome episode

    After a huge disappointment with last Monday's new Regular Show episode "Muscle Woman", this episode definitely turned it around. Rigby is getting tired of work and not being able to take a break so Rigby is out to find a new temp. He goes through everyone but they weren't gonna work out and Rigby was about to give up until Doug the otter came to get the job as a temp. I thought Rigby looking for a temp was very funny. I thought the Doug character was funny and enjoyable as well especially when he would do impressions of Rigby. Rigby is procrastinating just like he wished while Mordecai and Doug are working. Rigby then finds out that Doug is trying to take his place and Doug turns into Rigby which makes it harder for the gang to determine which one is Rigby. I thought Benson testing the two Rigbys to determine which one is Rigby was very funny. It was funny when Mordecai discovers who the real Rigby is because the real Rigby would not hug Mordecai. It was also hilarious when Mordecai punched both Rigbys. This episode had me laughing all the way and the plot to this episode was very interesting and well written. Overall, a perfect episode of "Regular Show". 10/10
  • Rigby: If hiring a dude to do all my work and paying him a small part of my paycheck while I go get a meatball sub is a scam, then this is a HUUUUUUUGE SCAAAAAAAM!

    Soooo, fed up with working, Rigby decides to hire a temp to do all his job, and fortunately, a forgein otter (yay Otters!) comes to town to get a job. Rigby pays him with coins & makes him sleep on the wardrobe, but Doug's ok with it (or is he?)

    Rigby notes how after proving to imitate Rigby's voice, he starts to comb his hair like him, lift his tail, have the mask-like feature on his face, finally being like a clone. Mordecai & the gang can't figure out who is the fake (they punch weak, can't resist a punch, suck at videogames etc). After asking R's greatest fear, they seem to get the real one, but he hugged Mordecai, so he is really Doug, and gets arrested.

    Overall: Great episode. I love ottersm so Doug was VERY welcome. Rigby's scam was great, Rigby giving Pops nothign for his birthday (the best nothing ever!) & "Hey Mordecai, wanna make a quick 10 bucks?". 9/10.
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