Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 4

Terror Tales of the Park

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 10, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • This is so far the worst epiosde in Regular in Season 3.

    OK i really didn't like this episode, but a lot of my friends saw this and they loved it but not me and i think it's because of the violence.I really didn't enjoy this episode of Regular Show. Well the first story with the Creepy doll one was ok. There were some boring parts and the doll was pretty funny. Now i didn't like the second story. It was just bad and MuscleMan was annoying (suprisingly) And he had most of the lines and High 5 Ghost had like 2 lines, now i think High 5 Ghost should have more lines, he's one of my favorite characters and i like him better than MuscleMan. More the third story was the best out of the 3 it laughed at it it was funny now the scene when all the characters died was shocking like i was getting kind of shocked when Muscleman died but when Skip's death was there i was really shocked and i was like "Oh my gosh." but when i found out it was story i was lie thank goodness, because i kind of thought that they all died and it was the end of Regular Show. Now i think that they could've cut the crash pit one and made the doll one more longer, or made another story ,bit it wasn't that good. Overall 6/10.
  • Halloween episode

    Regular Show presents three terrifying Halloween tales. This Halloween episode was amazing overall but I'm gonna do in these segments.

    Creepy Doll: Mordecai and Rigby find an old Victorian doll named Percy, who wants to get revenge on Pops for neglecting him. Eh, this episode was interesting rather than funny. I liked/laughed at Pops finding a doll, then the doll started acting creepy to Pops, all the things the doll did, and the last part. Nothing else to say so the grade (in letters) will be A.

    Death Metal Crash Pit: Muscle Man and High Five Ghost discover an abandoned RV, and want to crash it into a pit. However, they soon realize the RV is haunted by an '80s death metal band. This is my least favorite segment since it was a little dragged. There are a few parts that I liked/laughed such as Muscle Man and HFG finding a crash pit RV, Ya know who else likes to get headbutted in the face? My mom! and the last part of the segment. Overall score would be between A- to B+.

    In the House: Rigby incurs the wrath of an evil wizard when he eggs his house on Halloween night. This was the best but most violent segment of the episode. I liked/laughed at the first part with Mordecai and Rigby trick or treating, Rigby throwing eggs at the wizard's house, Rigby turning into a house, and a few more. Overall A+.

    OVERAL SCORE: 10/10
  • WARNING: This "Regular Show" Halloween Special might be too scary, too dark, and too violent for younger viewers.


    I thought that this was an excellent Halloween special of "Regular Show". The first ever 30-minute episode of "Regular Show" and I really enjoyed it. This Halloween Special did have three different stories but those three stories were still squished together into one episode. Almost Everyone tells their own scary stories. Pop's scary story was "Creepy Doll", MuscleMan and High Five Ghost's scary story was "Death Metal Crash Pit", and Mordecai and Rigby's scary story was "In The House". Benson and Skips didn't tell their own scary story but oh well. This special was very funny and awesome. I don't recommend little kids watching this Halloween special because it might be too scary, too dark, and too violent for them. The youngsters might get nightmares watching this Halloween special so I really don't think little kids should watch it. That doll in the segment "Creepy Doll" was very creepy. Pops playing with his doll was hilarious. The doll will most definitely give little kids nightmares.MuscleMan and High Five Ghost in the segment "Death Metal Crash Pit" was very funny and intense. The funniest part in that segment was definitely when MuscleMan said "Help! This song sucks". As for the "In The House" segment, it was funny but also super crazy, scary, and intense. Mordecai and Rigby trick-or-treating in the beginning of that segment definitely made me LOL. You have to watch "In The House" segment to see why it's so crazy, scary, and very dark. It can also be violent especially when Mordecai's head was cut off. Overall, an excellent Halloween special of "Regular Show"... just don't let little kids watch this special though. 10/10

  • Regular show is one of my all time favorite cartoons... but Terror Tales of the Park just wasn't very good for a Regular Show episode.


    I'm sort of confused, because this episode is currently rated 10, and the other reveiws say 10. I really didn't think it was all that good. I was expecting this to be a lot more scary, because CN is known for having TV PG cartoons, and I was looking foward to a not so kid-friendly episode. Well, the episode wasn'y really "kid-friendly", but it sure wasn't scary either. -__-

    Problem #1 "Spoofs"- Some of these mini-episodes, (there were three in all), seemed to be trying to spoof other scary movies. For example, the first horror story, Rigby and Mordecai are cleaning out Pop's room, and the find his childhood doll. Rigby and Mordecai tell Pops that dolls aren't cool, and Pops agrees to get rid of it. However, the doll keeps returning and drawing on Pop's face or something. I find this as a bland rip-off of Chuckie, even if it was intended to be a spoof, it was boring and not funny. There was nothing scary to add.

    Problem #2 The Second Story- The second horror story, told by Muscle Man, is about some kind of trucks or something. By two minutes into the story, I zoned out and did other things. The story was bland and didn't make any sense. It wasn't scary, but rather a bunch of fog and guys yelling in trucks.

    Problem #3 Scaryness- As I've mentioned countless times, the horro was awful in this episode. CN has many PG TV cartoons on it's channel including Looney Tunes Show, Regular Show, and Adventure Time. I have heard Regular Show say piss and danm. Yet this episode isn't scary at all like I was hoping. Expecting hilarious original or spoofed horror stories does not come here. Even the last storie, which was the scariest, still wasn't that good. It was all so random, boring, or cliche.

    Problem #4 Humor- Normally, I expect lots of funny moments in Regular Show. There's nothing funny in this special. You're expected to laugh when everyone is getting hurt when the old guy posses the house, but it's pretty boring. The only funny part I found was when it showed Rigby and Mordecai trick or treating and Mordecai is an old man trying to scam people. Rigby is also funny. But that's about it...

    So, all in all, an EXTREME dissapointment. Idk, you could still try, afterall, I seem to be the only one who dosen't love this episode. However, if your a TRUE Regular Show fan, like me, you'll know somethings not right in thid episode.

  • Cliche plots that could have been done well, but rushed and not taken far enough to be good.


    These 3 different stories crammed into a half hour session could have been good. They were were ideas that fit in the basis of most horror stories, but with their own unique "Regular Show" ways.

    On a positive note, the story Rigby told was the best, as it had a truly thriller ending that involved references to horror flicks and saw most of the main cast being killed (and not hiding their deaths either). It was also one of the few times in modern animation do we see a gun.

    This episode did try to mix up who the plot focused on, with episodes following Rigby, Pops, or Muscleman and High Five Ghost. While some of the stories were better then others, none really stood out to make this a great episode, but they had potential. They never did add anything to character development, while they easily could have since they had already changed the character focus. Sadly, they left character development out.

    What I saw was the creators removing things from these stories so they could fit within 30 minutes. I also saw them remove attributes of the story to keep it so younger viewers could watch, which in the case, hurt the episode. Whether is was an evil curse, driving a RV into a crash pit with a dead 80s rock band, or destroying a demonic doll, nothing really was great, as it could have been. Too many corners were cut as explained above.

    Animation was fair, as usual, but nothing spectacular.

    So in short, this episode if fine. Not great, not bad. But it will probably have a hard time keeping the average viewers attention.