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Season 4 Episode 3

Terror Tales of the Park II

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 15, 2012 on Cartoon Network
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While on their drive to a Halloween party, Mordecai and Rigby tells scary stories to Benson, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost and Thomas.

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  • Original Terror Tales of the Park was better... this 2nd Halloween special was a letdown :/

    After really loving the original Halloween special last year, I was really looking forward to this 2nd Halloween special. This was unfortunately a complete letdown for me though. It was very hard on how I was going to range each of the storylines. Re-watching the original Halloween special this year, still loved the living hell out of it. 1st segment was when Mordecai's uncle died and while it seemed very dark it was actually hilarious premise how it ended with Mordecai's uncle paying him back the 5 dollars... I laughed quite often in the segment and it's the best out of the three storylines in my opinion (10 out of 10). 2nd segment was Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen (good to have Margaret involved this year by the way) go to a party bus and they turn into babies, teenagers and yeah. This was, I guess, a fine segment but it was really nothing special. The execution felt weak, the storyline wasn't any better but I did get some nice laughs out of it... not the worst, not the best (5 out of 10). 3rd segment was Benson making Mordecai and Rigby put up wallpaper. I really didn't like this segment. It started great and started out pretty funny as well and then it just goes completely downhill from there and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse until the story finally ended. HATED how Benson ended that story and it a horrible story (3 out of 10). Outside of the stories, I did laugh at Pops being frightened, Rigby telling Benson how he's gonna give Benson a bad ending in his story or something then they crash and they are all dead and Benson fires Rigby but Rigby points out that he can't because he is already dead (HILARIOUS moment of the special). The Halloween special was a letdown indeed but it did end on a highly HILARIOUS note. As you've noticed though, my scores for each of the stories got lower and lower though. I'm also disappointed that Thomas barely said any lines. It didn't even feel like he was in the episode because they barely showed him which pissed me off and he also only had like 2 lines overall and that's it. it's just okay but definitely a forgettable Halloween special. As time goes by, I'll probably forget about this special and only remember the original since that was complete badass. 6.5/10moreless
  • Second Halloween Special of Regular Show

    While on their drive to a Halloween party, Mordecai and Rigby tells scary stories to Benson, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost and Thomas. I thought this was a mixed bag Halloween special. I didn't find as awesome as the previous half hour special (last year's) but still a great episode to watch. This is going to be tough to rank up all the special here. But here are my thoughts on the stories

    Payback (told by Mordecai): I may consider this the best story out of the three since it is more violent (due to Mordecai's uncle getting killed). There isn't any dull moments here in this story. The beginning, Mordecai imagining his uncle until he found out that he wanted to give him the money were the funny parts for this story. SCORE 10/10 (A+)

    Party Bus: (told by Margaret) Eh, this was a lame story. If this was a whole episode, I would have freakin' hate it and might be the worst for the show. But I'm glad it was only for 5 minutes. I only found a couple scenes somewhat funny but the rest were lame. It was pretty stupid to have Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen become teenagers, babies, and then literally disappeared. SCORE 4/10 (F)

    Wallpaper Man (told by Benson): This was a decent story although it was dragging in some parts CHIEFLY when Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops were in an endless path. Another flaw was the ending. As for the parts that were funny, ehh... I think it was when RIgby didn't wanted to be stuck with enclosed spaces (and then he ripped them), and maybe two more. But it didn't beat Payback. SCORE 7/10 (C-)

    As for the last couple minutes, it was hilarious because Rigby hated Benson's story and wanted to make fun of him which causes Rigby and Benson into a heated argument (this will get the major reason why Benson thinks Rigby is inferior) and the all the park workers died during the crash (as a result, Benson is pissed off at Rigby for that incident and fired him although he is dead). Overall, this second version of Terror Tales of the Park wasn't that awesome as the first one. 7/10moreless
  • I actually liked the original version of Terror Tales of the Park.

    Like I said above, the original version of Terror Tales of Park was better. It was better because the stories were original, (Well the Creepy Doll really wasn't) and you didn't know they were tale, you would think they actually happened. Now the entire park staff goes to a cool Halloween party, but to pass time they tell stories. Now the first one Payback is when Mordeai's uncle died in a bowling ball rack and comes back to haunt Mordecai or to really pay him back the five back. Now this episode was really great, I actually did laugh a couple of parts but the funniest moment was at the very end of the tale. Now I really didn't like the party bus one. Now Mordecai, Rigby, Margret, and Eileen get on a bus called the party bus, but as they're on it times flies by and they older, they have off the party bus soon. I don't think I ever laughed at all on that one. Now Benson's story, Wallpaper man was O.K,. Benson makes Mordecai and Rigby rewallpaper the walls, but they call an evil wallpaper man who tries to kill Mordecai and Rigby and their friends. I only laughed once in that tale but i can't remember it and I felt like that tale was rushed from some reason. The ending though was so freaking hilarious, but overall the second worst episode of Regular Show, Karate Video is still the worst one. 5.5/10.moreless

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