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Regular Show

Season 4 Episode 18

That's My Television

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Mar 04, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

That's My Television
The guys help a sitcom star from the 1980's make it to the mountains.

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  • Underrated episode

    The guys help a sitcom star from the 1980's make it to the mountains. I agreed with tigerdude22's review. I don't think this show isn't going downhill at all even after what happened to the Quips episode. I just think that the writers need to include the other main characters as well but I don't mind Mordecai and Rigby being the only park employees to appear in this episode. Plus, some of the [eople are considering this as their worst episode. When episodes like these (usually when Margaret is around), we don't see the other guys as much as we did in the last three seasons. But the lack of the other main characters present doesn't mean it is a boring episode, Enough said. I just think this was a very enjoyable episode of Regular Show although it is not the best episode out there. I'm just giving a 10 rating to be very generous. Another reason is because I just think there weren't any dull moments and there some great action scene that will make up the dull moments. The chase scene/climax was of course the best scene out of this episode. I really liked the TV robot character who was surprisingly voiced by Sam Marin (Pops in a robtic voice). So, that is all I have to say about this episode. It wasn't the funniest/best, but it was a perfect in my honest opinion. I do agree that the rest of park workers need to have the spotlight more often. I hope to expect that for the fifth season. From a person who is generous towards TV show. 10/10moreless
  • Not going downhill at all

    I agree with tigerdude22 in that everyone is overreacting to "this show is going downhill". Yes, people say that Mordecai and Rigby have been limited to side players for the latest episodes, but if the episodes plot is not structured in that way then we would probably see them delegated to the park, or with less of the surreality we come to expect from this show. A show is never going to be perfect, and there are always going to be a batch of less critically acclaimed episodes, but just because there is a string of 2 or 3 less critically acclaimed episodes does not mean a show is going downhill. It took a whole season before I realized Spongebob wasn't as good as it was before. Now that another classic episode "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese" has aired, we can all forget that this happened and continue watching this great show.

    Anyway, this episode was structured differently than a normal Regular Show episode, being that the action and surreality was spread throughout. The fact that the escape of a television led to a police-like standoff between Morecai, Rigby, the said television and network executives with weapons involved really stretch imaginations and make this show the great show it is. The fact that RGB2 wasn't actually a television and really a person is also ironic in the fact that we have gumball machines, yetis, and lollipop men walking around and that we are supposed to believe that televisions are not included. This episode was OK because we all know its a throw away episode, and not involved in the continuity of the show. This episode will probably never be mentioned in any way again in the show and will not endanger the integrity that some are overreacting to that might make this show unbearable to watch.moreless
  • This Cartoon Is NOT Going Downhill

    I was going to review this episode during the weekend but I'm making this review right now just to prove a point. First of all, Regular Show is NOT going downhill. The only episode that didn't impress too much honestly was "Quips" but that's it. As soon as "Do or Diaper" came, everyone all of a sudden says "The show is going downhill"... seriously people??? just because of one episode, you say it's going downhill. Then "Quips" came and everyone still says the same thing... 2nd episode. Then "Caveman" came and everyone says the show is going downhill and NOW this episode comes and everyone says it's going downhill. I'm proving a point here because it's pissing me off seeing that just because of one or two or three episodes, you already say things like "The show is going downhill" or "The writers are running out of ideas". You can't even say that especially if it's after 3 or 4 episodes. Be patient and wait for the show to reach its 10th or 15th episode.... we still have a long way to go to this season and if by the end of this season, the episodes aren't getting any better or if Season 5 isn't making any bigger improvement then that's when you can say the show is going downhill but it makes me angry seeing that. This show will have weak episodes from time to time but that doesn't make me love the show any less. I love "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" but that show can have weak episodes from time time. SpongeBob SquarePants, my all-time favorite cartoon even has weak episodes from time to time. For example, the recent episode "Little Yellow Book" (read my review for that) is my MOST HATED SpongeBob episode of all-time but even though I hated that one episode so much, it doesn't stop my love for the cartoon so I hope you understand my point so please don't say that anymore unless the show is actually not trying anymore and is actually feeling lazy. REVIEW STARTS HERE. I honestly loved this episode. Yes, it was very fast-paced? Yes, there's not much of a story?. If someone were tell me to explain this episode shortly. Here is how I can explain the whole episode... Mordecai and Rigby win and get an autograph by RGB2, RGB2 tells them to meet him in the restroom, Mordecai and Rigby talk to RGB2, then a 3-4 minute car chase comes, for last 3 minutes they are stopped by villains, and in the last 1 minute Mordecai and Rigby take RGB2 to where he wants to be... THE END. Yes, it's very simple and nothing much happens but I loved the episode for what it was. I do agree that it's not the most original storyline that the show has or even the deepest storyline that the show has but the episode did keep me entertained from start to finish and that car chase/action scene throughout the whole episode was just very exciting and had me at the edge of my seat. My eyes were literally opened plus there were funny moments while the action/chase scene was taking place. I also really enjoyed that RGB2 character as well, although it did KINDA kill it for me that it was old man inside RGB2 though. One of the most funniest moments was, by far, when Mordecai and Rigby thought RGB2 (the old man inside it) was dead when he seemed like he lost his breathe but it cracked me up that he was just sleeping. Overall, this is one of my favorite episodes of Regular Show... it's still Regular Show that I know and love with very fun action and very funny moments especially that ending part I mentioned. This show is NOT going downhill and when the time comes for a streak of lazy and bad episodes comes, that's when I can actually say "The show is going downhill" but it's NOT going downhill just because of 3-4 episodes -_- don't go too quick with that. 10/10moreless
  • By Far Worst Episode Ever

    I though firework run was bad, but compared to this.. Firework Run was gold.... Coincidentally they are both written by the same two people!

    What was Bad was that it had no plot!!!! It felt rushed some how even when nothing was going on. There was no reliability in this episode which regular show is most known for and MORDICAI AND RIGBY ARE SIDE CHARACTERS AGAIN.... Why cant the show be like it was in the second season. This was just a bunch of crappy scenes that were put together. The worst part of it is was that it was not funny at all.. It was like watching my grandfather trying to knit. If i could summarize the episode in one word, it would be "BORING". Also the TV guy was not really a likable character..... he had no personality and his voice was very annoying. This episode was so bad I might stop watching this show..... The show is definatly going downhill because it is no longer enjoyable to watch. Watching the show in the 2nd and 3rd season made me feel relax and then surprised at the end when the climax starts. That was when I felt that the show was at it's best. It was chill and pleasurable to watch. Now its hard to watch and becoming like a horrible version was adventure time. It's way to crazy and it seems hardly any time is put in to making this episode. No character development, No reliability, JUST CRAP........ If this season continues to be like this, I will lose all respect for this clever show.moreless
  • i don't even

    I really didn't enjoy this episode. It seemed just like a filler; it wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good, either.

    And the bad part is, I think it's a downgrade from last week.

    PROS: The action was pretty engaging. Not very much, but you know, it was alright. Plus the scene at the end where Mordecai thought the guy was dead got a chuckle out of me.

    CONS: it wasn't funny. Usually Regular Show isn't that funny anyways, but the episode's grade kind of HINGED on how I reacted to it. I honestly almost fell asleep.. most of the episode was mindless filler with car-chasing. The plot wasn't original, Sam Marin didn't cover up his "Pops" voice very well, and.. that's pretty much it for me.

    All-in-all, I felt like they could of done MUCH better.moreless

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