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Regular Show

Season 1 Episode 8

The Unicorns Have Got to Go

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 25, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mordecai really wants to impress Margaret, so he buys Dude Time, a cologne that claims it will attract women if used; however, the only thing it attracts are party-loving unicorns that end up causing trouble for him and Rigby.

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  • Now this episode was great but its not the best but come on this epiosde wasn't that bad.

    Ok Mordecai and Rigby are at the coffee shop and they see a commercail for a colonge called dude time and Mordecai wants it but rigby wants Strong Johns so Mordecai buys his colonge but it attracks unicorns instead of girls so they hang out with the unicorns and it goes from there. Now the parts I laughed at were at Pop's cameo appearance and the unicorns saying bros bros bros bros bros! I also laughed at the Dude time commercail. I laughed at when the unicorns ate Benson's gumballs. (That part was drop dead hilarious to me.) Another hillarous part was when the unicorns exploded and on my Eggcellent review that was the death thing that happened in Season 1. Now the bad tings about this episode was the unicorns were being total jerks and Rigby was a little. Also the storyline wasn't my favorite so yeah. I also kind of laughed at when Rigby said " Benson's gonna kill us when he sees this." Well this episode was just great. Oh yeah, I laughed at another part with the Strong John's commercail. Well like I said a great episode. Overall 8/10.moreless
  • Now i love Regular Show really much, but this episode was poor.

    OK this episode was about Mordecai seeing a commercail for colone, but Rigby gets mad because he wanted to buy the video game so when Mordecai buys the colone he sprays it and it attracks unicorns. I thought this was a poor episode of Regular Show. The worst part about this episode was the unicorns. I thought they were being total jerks to Mordecai. I only laughed 3 times which were when Pops was afraid of the colone, Benson exploding the unicorns, and when the unicorns were eating Benson's gumballs (but I only chucked at that part). Overall 4.5/10.moreless
  • One of my least favorite episodes of season 1

    Plot:Mordecai really wants to impress Margaret, so he buys Dude Time, a cologne that claims it will attract women if used; however, the only thing it attracts are party-loving unicorns that end up causing trouble for him and Rigby.

    Favorite parts:

    * Pops being scared of the cologne.

    * The unicorns farting on Rigby

    * The unicorns eating Benson's gumball

    * Benson using the device to get of the unicorns.

    Parts that lower my scenes:]

    *The unicorns were kindaannoying

    * Boring in most scenes

    Overall score: 7/10moreless
  • I love "Regular Show" but this just wasn't the best episode that this show has to offer for Season 1

    This was an okay episode of "Regular Show". It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it just an okay episode. Not the best episode that "Regular Show" has to offer for Season 1. The plot is that Mordecai wanted to buy a new cologne so he can attract Margaret. Unicorns out of nowhere and said that they can help Mordecai attract Margaret. The unicorns humiliated Mordecai and Rigby also became friends with the unicorns. Rigby gets angry at Mordecai because Mordecai wants to buy a new cologne instead of that new video game that Rigby wants to buy. The unicorns take over the house and tie up Benson to the closet. Rigby apologizes and begs Mordecai to help him because Mordecai was angry at Rigby. Benson gets angry with Mordecai and Rigby at the end of the episode. Like I said, this episode was just okay but I thought that unicorns and Rigby were complete jerks to Mordecai especially the unicorns. The unicorns were really getting on my nerves in this episode. I only laughed twice at this episode. I only laughed when the unicorn ate Benson's gumballs (if you think about it in a wrong way, it's kinda gross... haha) and when Benson exploded the unicorns. Overall, this episode was just okay but it's not the best episode that "Regular Show" has to offer for Season 1. 6/10moreless
  • Bros bros bros bros bros!

    So at the coffee shop, M&R see a commerical for a cologne called Dude Time (for men). Mordecai wants to buy it cause in the commercial a bunch of hot chucks in bikinis come to tear the dude's clothes off( which Rigby finds odd). So after buying it, he tries it, but it only attracts unicorns, obssesed with bros. Rigby joins them as he feels like Mordecai has been givnig more attentiion to Margaret than him.

    The unicorns then pick on Mordecai and invade the house and destory it all, lock Benson in a closet (and eat his gumballs, eww). So yeah, Mordecai is fed up with how Rigby treats him and storms out angrily. Rigby goes to cheer him up and after a conversation they agree to get rid of the unicorns. Skips tells him the way.

    They challenge them to rally racing and then they are sent to space. Mordecai then is ordered to get rid of the cologne.

    Overall: Good epsiode, but not the best they can offer. 8/10moreless
Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Unicorn #3

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Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Commercial VO / Unicorn #2 (Alex) / Unicorn #4

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J.G Quintel

J.G Quintel

Unicorn 5

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Janie Haddad

Janie Haddad


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Sam Marin

Sam Marin

Unicorn 1 (Billy)

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