Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 11

Under the Hood

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Dec 12, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Under the Hood

Mordecai and Rigby track down a mysterious graffiti artist whose been tagging the park.

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  • Mordecai and Rigby track down a graffti artist

    Mordecai and Rigby track down a mysterious graffiti artist whose been tagging the park. Last episode for 2011 and as well as the last episode I'm gonna review today. I thought the storyline here was interesting...agreed with the users. I don't think there's never been a storyline like this yes the most unique storyline for this show. I laughed at Muscle Man's appearance here (mainly where he told the My Mom jokes), the chase scene, and the last part of this episode. Also, just one more thing, I has to miss the episode for the third time for a premire because I was probably busy on that day...and I didn't saw it until a rerun (it was on after Video Game Wizards). To end this review, it was a perfect episode. 10/10moreless
  • a very cool theme (graffiti) for a rather decent episode

    After "Cruisin" which was a solid episode, Regular Show comes back with an episode about graffiti, it's a cool theme which I like very much (the other cartoon which did this was the anime Samurai Champloo) and fits very well for this show, however, this episode lacks some solid comedy, most of time, it's Mordecai and Rigby who are trying to catch the graffiti artist, the graffitis are good and made this episode graphically appealing, but the main villain, Park Avenue, could have been better, I like the fact he is anthropomorphic spray can, however, he is not very menacing and his motivations are rather stereotypical.I like better the scenes with Muscle Man, they are the best parts of this episode, I love when he tries to follow his dreams as a stand-up comedian and fails miserably because of his lame "My mom" jokes. Benson is okay and Skips is underused.

    overall, it was a decent episode, I hope the next one will be better.moreless
  • Awesome "graffiti" storyline... I don't think shows have ever done storylines like this before

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Regular Show". The theme to the storyline was truly brilliant and awesome. I don't think I've ever seen shows that actually had a "graffiti" storyline before. I definitely recommend this episode to any fans that need an awesome episode with a well thought out and magnificent storyline. Here is the storyline to this episode but I'm not gonna say the whole storyline though but probably most of it. Anyways, Mordecai and Rigby find graffiti all over the park. MuscleMan is laughing at them for painting the graffiti off the wall and then they asked if MuscleMan is the one who painted the graffiti. Mordecai and Rigby go tell Benson that MuscleMan is the one who painted graffiti all over the park. Benson tells MuscleMan to tell the truth and then a can of graffiti spray fell out of MuscleMan. Benson then decides to fire MuscleMan and High Five Ghost. Mordecai and Rigby see that it was a mysterious person under the hood who is the real graffiti artist. They try to tell Benson but he wouldn't listen to them. It is now up to Mordecai and Rigby to catch the graffiti artist who is revealed to be a graffiti spray container dude. The storyline goes on from there. :) As for the funny parts, the part that made me laugh the hardest was when MuscleMan became a stand-up comedian at the coffee shop by telling his "My Mom" jokes and then the audience tells him to get off the stage. As for the other parts, the part when the graffiti spray container dude is stuck in the ground was funny and the very ending of the episode was funny as well. Overall, this episode was better than the last episode "Cruisin'" and it is definitely one of best Season 3 episodes of "Regular Show" that I have ever seen... watch this episode fans, it is totally worth watching. 10/10moreless

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