Regular Show

Season 3 Episode 12

Weekend at Benson's

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 16, 2012 on Cartoon Network
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While helping Benson, Mordecai and Rigby accidentally knock Benson out. Since the two friends don't want to catch blame for Benson's accident, they try to take him home. However, when they get to Benson's house, his house is not empty. How will the friends explain Benson's injury without being blamed for causing it?moreless

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  • Mordecai and Rigby knocked off Benson and try to avoid getting fired

    Mordecai and Rigby help Benson try to impress Audrey, but Chuck gets in the way of that. A perfect start for the year 2012, this episode has some great humor and parts all the way through. My nitpick was Benson being a little bit of jerk to Mordecai and Rigby by firing them because he wasted a weekend having that hot sauce drink (it was named after that song in the montage). I laughed at Mordecai and Rigby knocking off Benson to the ground, Muscle Man popping out of nowhere, all the parts where they have a contest, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson tasting the Mississippi Queen, and then there is this strange vision montage. Overall a excellent episode with great storyline. 10/10moreless
  • this episode of regular show was so freakin awesome!!!!!!

    i thought this was a perfect episode of regular show! i really really really loved this episode. i was very inpressed by this episode so much!! now season 3 is so far my favorite season! it rocks!!!! well this episode had a lot of humor so it gave me tons if bigs laughes. the funny parts was muscleman chasing after mordecai and rigby and benson, the red hot pepper contest and when benson woke up from being unconsious. Now its officail this show just keeps getting better and better. now this is one my favorite episodes of regular show. I cant wait for the next new episodes.moreless
  • Wow!!! this episode was hilarious and very cool and it definitely proves that Season 3 rocks

    Wow!!! This "Regular Show" episode has just amazed in so many ways. For one thing, there was a lot of humor in this episode that definitely gave me a good laugh. It's definitely one of the the best Season 3 episodes I've ever seen. Season 3 just keeps getting better and better and it proves to be my favorite season. I think fans like us can officially say that Season 3 outdoes Season 2 and Season 1. There have mostly PERFECT episodes in this season and I haven't seen any bad episodes in this season. The weakest episode in this season would have to be "Cruisin'" and that episode got an 8.5 from me so that's really not bad at all. This is just telling us that the writers have plenty of more refreshing and creatives stories that they want to share with fans like us. The storyline to this episode is about when Mordecai and Rigby accidentally make Benson knocked down unconscious and they want to make sure that he is okay whether they get fired or not. Benson was a little annoying in this episode but I can let it slide. He has been less annoying and less harsh this season which makes me happy so hopefully the writers keep doing that. Anyways, they take him home until a girl named Audrey came and asked Benson to come in. Mordecai saw the disappointed look in Audrey's face so they decided to go to the party so they can impress Audrey for Benson. I really loved the chili eating competition in this episode. It was also awesome that Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson chugged a whole bowl of peppers and chili. Like I said, a bunch of funny moments happened in this episode but one of the parts that did crack me up was when MuscleMan is chasing after Mordecai and Rigby so he can talk to Benson. My favorite part in this episode was definitely the "Mississippi Queen" montage near the end of the episode (by the way, the song "Mississippi Queen" was played during that montage so that was an easier to me to say it). That "Mississippi Queen" montage is my favorite part in the entire episode because it was just so amazing and so incredibly impressive on how they did and the way the introduction of that montage began was incredible. Watch this episode and you will see why I love the "Mississippi Queen" montage so much. As for the ending, not that great but that can be easily ignored though. Overall, an excellent episode of "Regular Show" that I'm surely fans will be pleasantly impressed with... I'm a fan and I am sure as hell impressed with this episode which is why it's considered one of my new favorite episodes... "Regular Show" is off to an awesome start to the year 2012. 10/10moreless

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