Rehab With Dr. Drew

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  • Season 1
    • Graduation
      Episode 11

      With graduation looming, tensions on the unit reach a boiling point. In an explosive process group, Jasmen and Michael gang up on Deanna, forcing Dr. Drew to take control. Upset with the treatment from her fellow patients, Deanna refuses to attend sober living, throwing her sobriety into danger. In a heartfelt graduation, Dr. Drew and the patients give their hopes, wishes and fears as this journey comes to an end.

    • 11/11/12

      Outside the recovery center, Dr. Drew heads off Drewbee and convinces the troubled addict to return to treatment. Erika's boyfriend Stefanos calls the center intoxicated and Erika realizes she must make a difficult choice.

    • Family Weekend
      Episode 9

      Dr. Drew reunites the patients with their families. Ashleigh and her sister Holly reveal to their mother a painful secret both have been harboring for decades. Dr. Drew is stunned to learn that Jasmen doesn't intend to go to sober living.

    • Facing the Past
      Episode 8

      Ashleigh's seizure continues and she's rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Deanna opens up about some horrible trauma in her past, inspiring another patient to finally reveal a secret she's been holding in since she was a child. Despite Dr. Drew's recommendation, Drewbee refuses to agree to go to sober living after rehab, and Dr. Drew has to break the news to his heartbroken parents.

    • Lead Counselor Bob Forrest is able to find Eric walking aimlessly through the streets of Pasadena, and he convinces him to return back to the unit. Deanna's boyfriend Angel is released from prison in NY after a three-year sentence, but their first phone call ends abruptly when he finds love letters to other men written by Deanna. Eric's mother and aunt visit from Boston for a heart-breaking therapy session, and a field trip meant to inspire the patients ends in a medical emergency.

    • 10/14/12

      As the patients approach the halfway point, many are doing much better, but for some the hardest part is yet to come. Drewbee's paranoia gets the best of him and he's nearly discharged for breaking the rules. Michael has an emotional reconnection to a childhood passion, and while the group is out at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, things take a scary turn for the worse that sends all of the patients into a tailspin, causing one of them to flee from the unit in the middle of the night.

    • Anger Management
      Episode 5

      Eric and Ashleigh's fight from the hike continues back on the unit. Jasmen's denial about the severity of her addiction upsets the patients, and when Erika confronts her, it starts a war that threatens to divide the group. Dr. Sharp helps Heather understand and control her rage, and Jasmen reveals a shocking secret that's been haunting her and driving her to use.

    • Tapering Off
      Episode 4

      The staff reduces the patients' detox medications. Elsewhere, two patients have a fiery showdown while on a group walk.

    • 9/30/12

      As the numbing effects of drugs and alcohol wear off, powerful feelings begin to take hold of the patients, and in an emotional process group one of them shares suicidal thoughts.

    • Detox
      Episode 2

      As the treatment process begins, all of the patients are experiencing intense physical withdrawal symptoms, but none more than Ashleigh. Later, the three remaining patients arrive.

    • Intake
      Episode 1

      Addiction specialist Dr. Drew returns to the Pasadena Recovery Center for a sixth season to work with everyday Americans whose addictions are more severe than ever.