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In 1557, The Young Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland arrives to France accompanied by her four best friends and Ladies-in-waiting. She is to be engaged with Prince Francis II to get the French in an alliance needed to protect Scotland. However, things between Mary and Francis are not simple and, although they are attracted to eachother, Francis remains hesitant to keep his life, and have his affaires. Sebastian, Francis' half-brother, complicates matters when he starts falling for Mary. This, together with King Henry's infidelity, makes Queen Catherine De'Medici seek help from the seer Nostradamus. He scares her with a prophecy about her son's death, she becomes determined to save Francis' life at any cost. Conspiracy, sabotage, mystery and sex show the details of the French Court as Mary learns to deal with each and every one.

  • OH LOLA!

    Reign "Succession" Review: Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Murderers Closer

    Lola played detective and Mary needed a new husband in Reign's spring premiere.

  • BOO YAH!

    The CW Renews 11 Shows, Including iZombie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The 100, Reign (!), and More

    The network has renewed its entire current lineup, which just goes to show that you can't really predict what the network will do.

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      I love it and the actors are so talented! Look forward to watching every week. but when is the next episode on?
    • What a fun way to be kept on the edge of one's seat interested in learning history....

      Watching Reign reminds me of when I was growing up and my family sitting around the TV to watch shows together. With so many reality shows these are hard to come by. Holds to some truth on history though a lot is fictional it makes me want to really read about these people. I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for more for the next. And I'll be waiting on the edge for each renewal dates and rejoice with happiness when it comes. Don't judge it by tv ratings everyone is going to Internet to watch. Don't take the story away.......moreless
    • Even if you did not care about history being mangled,

      even if you just watched the show for the romance and intrigue, the costumes are so appalling it is unbearable. Please! Do something about it!
    • Fun; Despite it Being Atrociously Inaccurate

      Well yes, SOME of the characters existed in real life... but the only one whose storyline bears any resemblance to reality is Queen Catherine de Medici. She was known for having a close relationship with Nostradamus despite superstition being sinful in the Catholic church. Perhaps she saw his gift as a miracle She was an extremely rich and powerful woman and in a very difficult position for much of her life. She saw three of her sons into a grave before her, a fate no mother should have to bear.

      So, if I just pretend this beautiful show is perhaps set in a parallel universe where Mary, Queen of Scots was a stronger woman rather than a silly girl who could never rival Queen Elizabeth I and where Francis was a stronger young man and where Diane's bastard children with the King were not two daughters but a handsome son, then I can just enjoy this show a bit of period style drama. A guilty pleasure like chocolate pudding with extra thick cream. Rich, beautiful and rather over the top. :oDmoreless
    • A Disgrace

      First of all the real King and Queen were very young when they were married and he died a year later. According to history the Queen loved him and was broken hearted when he passed. This is disrespectful and a disgrace to the individuals this series is based on. I don't understand why writers always start out with a awesome show and then run out of things to write about and turn it into something people hate to watch. Just once can we watch a show where people aren't cheating and sleeping around on each other? Can they come up with good plots and twists without having people become promiscuous ? Loved the show right up until the writers started turning it to garbage. Now I'm turned off and refuse to watch it.moreless
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