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... The same show that inspired our TV's Best Masturbation Moments list at the beginning of the 2013-2014 TV season is now making headlines once again with the news that Reign will release a "sexier" cut of tomorrow night's big royal wedding episode, "Consummation," which The CW will post online after the broadcast version has aired. Apparently it contains two racy sex scenes that the network's Standards & Practices department said were too hot for TV (but that are probably pretty tame for the internet). One scene occurs at the beginning of the hour, while the other closes it out and features Adelaide Kane's Mary Queen of Scots, who will be forced to choose between Francis (Toby Regbo) and Bash (Torrance Coombs). The "uncensored" cut of the episode will be posted on The CW’s website on Friday morning, you know, in case you care. Bonus news: Future episodes of the drama will include a character dying during sex and a threesome. LOL this show. [EW]


... If you're like me and you separate your television viewing habits into two categories—Lee Pace Shows and Not Lee Pace Shows—you should know that Lee Pace stars in AMC's upcoming computer-pioneering drama Halt & Catch Fire, which finally has a premiere date! Mark your homemade Lee Pace calendars for June 1 at 10pm, Pace-ties! (Is that a thing? If it wasn't, it is now!) [AMC via press release]

... Someday very soon, we're all going to have to come to terms with the fact that Psych is ending. Today is not that day. Today is the day when I tell you that Kevin Pereira (Attack of the Show) has been tapped to host Psych After Pshow, the one-hour live Q&A with the series' cast and creators that will air following the series finale on March 26 at 10pm. Pysch-Os can enter to win tickets to the event on USA's website, and will be encouraged to submit personal video questions to the cast. [USA via press release]

... HBO has opted not to move forward with David Milch's (Deadwood) new drama pilot The Money. The project starred Brendan Gleeson and dealt with wealth and corruption among America's elite. Keep trying, Milch. Maybe after Justified ends in 2015, you can snag Timothy Olyphant for a new pilot. Maybe also hire John Hawkes and Ian McShane. I'd watch it. [Deadline]

... Fox has already ordered a third season of MasterChef Junior even though production on Season 2, which was ordered in December, hasn't even begun. Calm down, Fox, you're looking a little bit like the desperate dweeb who calls a girl 30 seconds after dropping her off at home. Seasons 2 and 3 will now film simultaneously this spring. [TV Line]

... Go ahead and file this one in the "Things We Don't Need/Want" column: TLC has ordered a new reality series starring former King of Queens star and The Talk cohost Leah Remini. The entire basis of the series is that you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the girl. Yawn. [TLC via press release]

...  VH1, which is apparently not content to let MTV have a monopoly on really horrible reality TV, has ordered four new unscripted series. The first, This Is Hot 97, debuts March 31 and goes behind the scenes of NYC's HOT 97 radio station. The second is White Girls Of Rap, which will definitely not be starring yours truly, although they asked me several times. It follows five up-and-coming white female rappers as they attempt to establish credibility in the industry (my credibility cost $2.75 at a shop on the Venice boardwalk). I ♥ Nick Carter (literally with the heart and everything) will follow Backstreet Boy Nick Carter as he prepares to get married—presumably not to himself, but that title is misleading. And we all know it won't ever be able to match the hot mess that was House of Carters, so why bother? And lastly, Swab Stories—hold on, I just threw up—follows Jared Rosenthal, the owner of “Who’s Your Daddy,” a mobile DNA testing service in NYC. [Deadline]

... HBO and Game of Thrones have teamed up with people claiming to be musical professionals to release Catch The Throne: The Mixtape, which is, as you've probably guessed, a Game of Thrones-themed mixtape. The album includes tracks from Wale, Big Boi, Common, and Daddy Yankee, in addition to songs from newcomers like Snow Tha Product, Bodega Bamz, Magazeen and more. I literally have no idea what I just typed. Are those people? Are those band names? Are those species? Am I old and out of touch? (At least I know the answer that that last one.) The entire album will be available to download for free from Soundcloud beginning this Friday, March 7. [HBO via press release]

... Oprah is teaming up with David Simon, creator of shows like The Wire and Treme, for a new HBO miniseries about Martin Luther King, Jr. The six-hour series is an adaptation of Taylor Branch's Pulitzer Prize-winning trilogy America: In the King Years. According to Simon, however, it's still a ways off, as he's currently working on another project for HBO, which will be announced shortly. [Deadline / Baltimore Sun]

... Conan O'Brien will host the MTV Movie Awards for the first time on Sunday, April 13 at 9pm ET/PT. Nominations will be announced Thursday, March 6. [Variety]


... Former Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker has officially joined NBC's new pilot Feed Me. The single-camera comedy follows a dysfunctional family tied to each other by the restaurant they own together. [Deadline]

... Patricia Arquette, who won an Emmy in 2005 for Medium and enjoyed a guest-stint on Boardwalk Empire last season, has joined the cast of CSI's newest spin-off. The backdoor pilot will debut later this spring as part of CSI's regular season, and is set at FBI’s Cyber Crime Division, where Arquette's character, Avery Ryan, is the special agent in charge. [EW]

... Lindsay Lohan has booked a guest spot on 2 Broke Girls, which, yeah, sounds about right. Lohan will play a bride-to-be who hires Max and Caroline to make her wedding cake. The episode is slated to air April 14, which will also be the first 2 Broke Girls episode to air in the time period that's been reserved for How I Met Your Mother for the last several years. [CBS via press release]

... The CW has already brought to life "Sexy Nostradamus" (via today's News Briefs headline act, Reign) so maybe it's not very surprising that the network has cast "Hot Jesus" from The Bible in its upcoming sci-fi pilot The Messengers. Diogo Morgado will play a character named The Man in the project about a group of strangers who all die after a mysterious object crashes on Earth, only to eventually wake up and find out they have to stop the Apocalypse. If I ever die and then return, the first and only thing I want to hear is, "Here's some coffee and also some whiskey!" Not, "Help us, Kaitlin, you're our only hope of saving the human race." Because if that's the case, the world is f*cked. [E! Online]

... NBC's Constantine pilot, which is based on the comic book character John Constantine and has been in development since September, is finally getting around to doing some casting. Lucy Griffiths, who's familiar to American audiences for her role as Nora on True Blood, and to U.K. audiences as Lady Marian from Robin Hood, will play Liv, the female lead and daughter of a late friend of Constantine's (Matt Ryan). She finds she has the ability to see the supernatural world, which makes her important in the battle of good versus evil. Harold Perrineau (LostSons of Anarchy) has joined the cast as Manny, an angel assigned to watch over Constantine and who can possess other people's bodies. Lastly, Charles Halford, most recently seen in HBO's True Detective, has landed the role of Chas, who's basically Constantine's BFF. [Deadline]

... The Hunger Games' Leven Rambin, who will forever be All My Children's Rambin to me, has joined The Tomorrow People in a "dangerous" new role. She'll appear in the final three episodes of the season (series?) as Natalie, a paranormal who has no love for humans. Dun dun dun! [TV Guide]

... Jamie Gray Hyder, who appeared as werewolf Danielle in two seasons of True Blood, has joined the cast of Graceland for Season 2. She'll play Lucia Solano, a grad student whose brother Carlito (Erik Valdez) runs the cartel the Graceland team is trying to bust. Lucia, unfortunately, gets saddled with the job of keeping her brother in check. Girl, tell me about it. Brothers are the worst sometimes. [THR]

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