Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on The CW

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  • Love it!

    I was at first unsure if I wanted to check this show ou,& then one day I just said to heck with it & I must say I'm glad I did!

    I enjoy Mary's charater. I'm not sure fearless is the proper term for her, but it works. I mean for most people if they find themselves in their room & start hearing strange noises freak out. Some inspect the source, but I'm not sure how many would stick around when a hand suddenly pops up on your little changing area. But Mary that girl has some balls she's all in. Love that about her.

    Francis is a straight dick in this episode, it cracks me up. The way he pushes Mary away, & how he's fighting with himself to keep his distance.

    Now while I personally am the conductor of the Mary/Francis train, I can't deny that from the 1st episode there is a lil something between Bash & Mary.

    All in all I enjoy the show, & hope it keeps going & sticks around for a bit.
  • Wonderfully efficient, increasingly nonsensical

    I was really impressed by the beginning of this pilot simply because of how nicely it establishes things. With just a little text or exposition here and there, the episode establishes a great many situations and relationships with breathtaking speed while avoiding confusion as to who is who, at least for a while.

    I also found the idea of a future queen as a giddy teenager hanging with her girlfriends interesting. Were teenagers as silly back then as now? Probably not; I think you had to grow up faster back then. Still, it's refreshing to see roles normally portrayed with mature grace played with the unsureness of youth.

    Unfortunately, once everyone had been introduced I started to lose interest. It felt a little too artificial in its intrigue, and one seen involving watching sex and the aftermath just seemed so ludicrous that it put me off.

    By the end of the episode I had just lost interest. But I'm still impressed at just how well it started.

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