Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on The CW



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    • Mother Superior: Mary! You are the Queen of Scotland. You will wed young Francis, for your faith, for your people, for Scotland. He will love you.
      Queen Mary: I'm not sure that matters.

    • Queen Catherine: How do I control a daughter-in-law who's a Queen in her own right?!

    • Sebastian: We were looking for you everywhere. Tough to find you.
      Prince Francis: I was riding.
      Sebastian: Really. Who.

    • Queen Catherine: They say too many alliances make a king look weak.
      King Henry II: Then why do we sell our daughter to Spain?!

    • Prince Fancis: You've chosen my wife!? Have you set a date too?
      King Henry II: Here's the date, when I say so.

    • King Henry II: At least your bride has a country. & an army, should you need it!

    • Greer: Mary your hair. Didn't the nuns teach you anything?

    • Greer: Make no mistake. We're here to now, to get our young Queen engaged. Alliances can shift. Before they do, Mary need to win the Prince's heart.

    • Prince Fancis: I suppose if there was ever an uprising that sent my line into hiding I could always get by as a blacksmith.
      Queen Mary: But I'd save you...

    • Prince Fancis: If you're going to be the Queen of France you need to understand something. Kings do not answer their wives!

    • Prince Francis: (to Mary) Love is irrelevant to people like us. We who r so privileged in so many ways, but that.

    • Queen Mary: (to Francis) You are not the only one with a country to think of!

    • Queen Catherine: I see you, beheaded at my command.

  • Notes

    • Music: "Scotland" and "Charlie Boy" by The Lumineers,

      "Follow" by Crystal Fighters, "Back to you" by Twin Forks

    • Season One is filmed in Ireland and Canada.

    • Diane de Poitiers was  King Henry II lover & was considered the most powerful woman in France for 25 years.

    • Catherine de'Medici AKA Queen Catherine and King Henry II actually had 10 children. Not just Prince Francis II

    • Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de'Medici AKA Queen Catherine were actually related to each other. Diane was King Henry II were lovers & later his mistress long before Catherine and him were married.

    • Francis's II father, Henry II, and brother Francis III, Duke of Brittany were both engaged to Mary I of England. Henry II has also been briefly engaged to Elizabeth I, future Queen of England. Both ladies were Mary I's cousins.

    • Francis II of France actually died at age 16 and was only King for about a year and a half.

    • In real life "The Four Marys" were four girls Mary's own age, all named Mary, and of nobble birth. They were all from Scotland and came with her to France.

    • The real life Mary was actually sent to live in France at the age of 5, and moved back to Scotland at 18.

    • Mary Stuart of Scotland was born December 8, 1542, made Queen on December 14, and died on the 8th of February 1587.

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