Season 1 Episode 2

Snakes in the Garden

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2013 on The CW

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  • Hooked

    I'm currently doing a rewatch of the season because I enjoyed it so much & I miss it. I might possibly need to have my heart ripped out again, I'm just really not sure.

    Here's a little something that amuses me. Mary loved her dog. Almost followed it into the bloodwood, but we never see Sterling again after Bash returns him to her. Personally if I was Mary I'd be keeping that dog in my room to start warning me when people were attempting to kill me again. But hey maybe that's just me.

    Francis is a lot less assholish in this episode thankfully. I kinda felt bad for him while there were riding in the carriage. The way he wistfully agreed with his brother & did that longingly little sigh. It's ok Francis stop fighting it & love Mary already! I like that he is so quick to jump to her aid. At least we know someone has her back, besides the mysterious girl with the burlap sack on her head! I'm so completely intrigued by this character. I could probably go on & on about possible theories I have for her.

    He was completely adorable when he saw that Simon was getting to her, just swept right in to save her. Go Francis.

    I personally hate Catherine. Now this comes because the actress does her character so damn well! She is on my beheading list! I wish that Kenna was a bit smarter. She's a pretty girl, too bad she lacks the brains & common sense to stay away from King Skeevy!

    I've been trying to pay extra attention to Nostrodamus's visions in my rewatching. Because well I like to pick things apart & analyze them. It's what I do. His vision with the blood dropping on the face was Bash finding Colin. Enlightening wasn't it haha. No I'm just trying to keep track, because of something from later in the series.

    I liked the ending Francis & Mary are going to be friends & he told his mother to back the hell up or else. I loved that. He's going to be there for her, & we're left with the warm & fuzzies that everything could be alright.