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Mary becomes upset when she is informed that someone close to her will die. Nostradamus warns her of this prophecy, causing Mary to make a rash choice about Francis. Clarissa is becoming more and more bold under the Queen's thumb, and Kenna warns Queen Catherin about her husbands mistress's plans to legitimize Bash.

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Dec 13, 2013
Fated...well what to say. The episode was amazing as usual. I absolutely adore everything about this show. Mary and Francis were finally to be wed as King Henry saw his chance to grasp England through Mary's claim to the British throne.Mary and Francis were finally for the briefest of moments happy, and then Catherine pulled her last trump card, which was to tell Mary that if she wed Francis he would die. Mary sought out Nostradamus and subsequently believed his prophecy. However, everything he saw came to pass just out of context. Prophecies can be tricky like that I suppose.Nevertheless Mary ran off with Bash to protect Francis, but not before she told him how much she loved him. Of course he went running after her but only to see her leave with his brother.The ending made me sad as I want Francis and Mary to have a few moments of happiness not sparse fleeting moments, but it does make for good intrigue.moreless

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