Season 1 Episode 19

Toy Soldiers


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Mary's uncle arrives at the castle and brings dire news about her mother, forcing Mary and Francis to make a tough choice about priorities. Meanwhile, Henry devises a destructive plan; and Bash and Kenna grow closer as they strengthen their forced union.
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Apr 25, 2014
Well, things are certainly getting interesting, and a bit confusing, around the castle these days. I'm glad to see that Bash and Kenna have come to appreciate, if not love, one another. I am a bit worried about what the writers will do about Francis and Mary, though, with him going off to fight a war but not in Scotland, where Mary's mother is in dire straits. Am anxious to see if the writers will keep Mary and Francis in their loving, yet tumultuous relationship or if they'll kill Francis off, which would fulfill Nostradamus' foretelling. The next couple of episodes should prove to be very interesting.

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Drama, Fantasy