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  • Season 1
    • The Prophecy Come To Pass
      An army of soldiers killed by Alexander arise to battle him. Alexander attacks the army and Pythagoras arrives to see the prophecy come to pass.
    • The Vanquished Arise
      Alexander is warned that a trap is being set for him in the East. Aristotle worries about the trap but Alexander is unable to be deterred. His invasion has brought him to India where he threatens King Poros.
    • Unification Before Division
      Persia has been overthrown. Alexander, now called "The Conquerer" unites Persia and Macedonia under his rule. Aristotle, the prophecy always in his thoughts, begins to worry that Alexander's ambitions will bring about the destruction of the world. Philippos begins to preach to Alexander in matters of religion.
    • Persia Shall Fall
      Persia Shall Fall
      Episode 10
      Gaugamela is the location of the final battle between Alexander's armies of Macedonia and his opponents of Persia. Diogenes and Aristotle have a meeting to discuss the battle.
    • The Oracle Of Ammon
      The Oracle of the Egyptian Temple of Ammon meets with Alexander who foretells many things that will come to pass for Alexander. The Oracle tells Alexander he will be the king of the world. The Oracle also reveals that Alexander will be killed by the person closest to him.
    • Here Shall Stand Alexandria
      Alexander has come to Egypt. He visits an Oracle who advised Alexander to build a city for himself. The city shall be called Alexandria. Alexander commissions Dinocrates, an architect from the city of Dionis, to create his empire city.
    • The Gordian Knot
      The Gordian Knot
      Episode 7
      Alexander continues with his intent to invade and overtake Persia. Along the way he comes into contact with the doctor Philippos. Philippos, traveling from his school of Hippocrates, meets with Alexander in Gordian. He tells Alexander the oracle had a vision about the Gordian Knot. Philippos is supposed to serve the person capable of cutting the knot. Alexander cuts the knot.moreless
    • The Secret Of Samotrace
      Alexander continues his advances to enlarge his empire. His battles have carried him to the country of Persia. Meanwhile Alexander's avisor, Parmenion reveals to his son Philotas the secret of the conference that was held on Samotrace Isle. The isldand is where King Philip II and Olympias met for the first time.moreless
    • God Of Creation
      God Of Creation
      Episode 5
      The armies of Alexander have now taken over much of Greece. Alexander has surrounded Greece and plans for his invasion. His thoughts are troubled by the prophecy that he might be the one destined to destroy the world and hesitates on the invasion. The philosopher Diogenes offers advice to Alexander telling him "The God of destruction can also be the God of creation!"moreless
    • Ascension To The Throne
      An assassination attempt on King Philip II is thwarted by Alexander as he prevents the arrow meant to kill his father from hitting it's intended target.

      It seems the King was fated to die though as a zombie-like soldier later stabs him to death. In a matter or irony, or destiny, Eurydice and her baby girl are killed as well. King Philip's former wife, Olympias, killed the pair with a curse.moreless
    • A Failure Of Diplomacy
      Persia is trying to form an alliance against Macedonia. Alexander learns of this proposed alliance between Persia and Athens so he goes to Persia himself. Once in the city of Babylon Alexander begins to cause trouble.
    • The Thunder Of Battle
      A battle is fought between Macedonia and Greece. Alexander goes against the wishes of his father, King Philip II, and behaves in an aggressive manner during the battle. His gamble of such a hasty act pays off and he wins the battle. Upon his return to Macedonia the people hail Alexander as great hero. Some state he is greater even than his father, Philip. King Philip's advisor, Attalos, notices this attention and shift in the attidude of the people's loyalty.moreless
    • A Prophecy Born This Day
      A prophecy is revealed that a boy child will be born who will one day grow to be the destroyer of the world. The procephy leads the people to believe the child is Alexander.
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