Reilly: Ace of Spies

Season 1 Episode 9

After Moscow

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 1983 on ITV



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    • Cummings: We are still at war with Germany!
      Reilly: The war's over.
      Cummings: What do you mean, it's over? What the hell do you think that is out there? That is the war!
      Reilly: It won't last another week.

    • Cummings: What the hell are you doing here?
      Reilly: I'm going to give evidence.
      Cummings: You most certainly are not!

    • Adamson: I came to kill you, your honour.
      Reilly: Why have you waited so long, when I've given you so many opportunities?
      Adamson: There comes a moment when one decides. When I track a man, I get to know him. There is a weakness in you. Surprises me, but it's there.
      Reilly: Don't count on it, my friend.

    • Reilly: In the meantime perhaps you could have a word with him? He depresses me, he never smiles. I don't think he's a city person.

    • Reilly: His name is Adamson. He's come from Petrograd to put a bullet through my head.

    • Alexandra: Tell me, did I shoot an apple off your head?
      Reilly: Yes, you did.
      Alexandra: Must have been some night.
      Reilly: It was.

    • Cummings: You've been back in the country for four days. Where the hell have you been?
      Reilly: Why don't you say "welcome home" or something civilized?
      Cummings: Welcome home.
      Reilly: Thank you!

    • Reilly: There's a man who stands outside my house. He has the look of an assassin.

    • Lockhart: I've just had notice from the revolutionary tribunal in Moscow. I'm sentenced to death. So are you.
      Reilly: Yes, I've had one, too.
      Lockhart: What does it mean?
      Reilly: It means you can't go back to Russia while the Bolsheviks are in power.

    • Reilly: You've just foretold my death. Is that it?
      Caryll Houselander: Yes. Do you recognize the location?
      Reilly: Yes. Those are the Sparrow Hills outside Moscow.

    • Alexandra: What was the nature of our arrangement?
      Reilly: You were to live with me for thirty days.
      Alexandra: In return for…?
      Reilly: Fifteen pounds a day, plus a Glisenti revolver.
      Alexandra: I distinctly remember the figure twenty being mentioned.
      Reilly: Yes, it was, more than once. But by you, not by me.

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