Reilly: Ace of Spies

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 1983 on ITV



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    • Dzerzhinsky: Who do you know, Captain Reilly?
      Reilly: Well, I know everybody.
      Dzerzhinsky: Everybody?
      Reilly: Of any consequence, that is, in the West.

    • Reilly: "Over the white shroud of your body, O Russia, the cold winds sing a funeral song." Do you remember who used to sing that?
      Dzerzhinsky: Maria Plevitskaya.
      Reilly: How does the rest of it go?
      Dzerzhinsky: "My brother lies dead in the icy ground, his body hard as the frozen earth. Soon I in my turn will lie with him. When the spring comes, remember us both."

    • Reilly: Don't get out of the car, Trilisser. Artuzov might get you instead of me.

    • Dzerzhinsky: I want to spare you any unnecessary suffering that prolonged resistance to interrogation will bring.
      Reilly: I appreciate your concern. Beating someone to death can be counterproductive.

    • Dzerzhinsky: Do we still need to inflict all this unnecessary suffering? Your name!
      Reilly: Sigmund Georgevich Rosenblum.
      Dzerzhinsky: Date of birth?
      Reilly: March 24th, 1874.
      Dzerzhinsky: Tell me about your family.
      Reilly: My mother married into the Russian military establishment. I am the product of the illegitimate liaison between my mother and her doctor. When I left home, I took the name of my natural father, Rosenblum.
      Dzerzhinsky: And the name Reilly?
      Reilly: My first wife's family name. That is all I am prepared to tell you.

    • Reilly: I used to come out here in the old days.
      Dzerzhinsky: So did Lenin.
      Reilly: That was the attraction. At one point, I was toying with the idea of having him shot.

    • Reilly: Who's going to do it?
      Dzerzhinsky: Artuzov.
      Reilly: Is he a good shot?

  • Notes

    • Reilly was never reported alive again. There is little doubt about his fate, but the Russians later claimed that he had survived and had gone on to help them build the Cheka (the forerunner of the KGB).

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