Season 1 Episode 2

Hang in There, Baby

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on The WB
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Hang in There, Baby
Ginnie and Bob pretend to be tourist for a day and travel all over Manhattan as the couple decides to make a list of all the things they want to do in New York City before the baby arrives, but the task reveals a secret that Bob has been keeping from his wife. Marjee is clashing with her new father Joe (guest star Tom Irwin) step-mother Renee (guest star Christine Ebersole) as Marjee moves back in with her father and Renee after being evicted from her old apartment. In the other Sorelli sisters' lives, Ann agonizes over how to handle her emotional break-up with Danny (guest star Dan Futterman). Rose develops a crush on one of her classmates in actiong class, Alex (guest star Chris Carmack). During an acting seminar he manipulates her on stage as part of their assignment and embarrasses Rose. Alex tries to invite her to a party but rejects his offer due to her embarrassment. Rose gets some advice from her friend Joel to see if Alex is really into her.moreless

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  • Caught a blooper

    When Anne and Ginnie are talking about Anne's break-up while Ginnie is getting dressed, Ginnie puts on a black bra. When she is leaving the condo, her bra strap is showing and it is beige.

    And, because I have to write 50 words or more, I shall now say that it is a delight to see Callum Blue again. I adored him in 'Dead Like Me.' He really makes me laugh. There is something about his personality that comes through in his acting that is charming.

  • Great episode. Better than the pilot.

    I saw this on the Monday replay and am starting to really hope this catches on soon. Dan Futterman was wonderful as the soon to be ex. Made my heart break. And the married couple are absolutely perfect together. The writing is starting to hit a groove it seems so hopefully the WB will give it a chance.
  • Ginnie and Bob are having dilemmas about the baby, Rose has her eyes on a guy, Ann is breaking up, and Marjee can't stand Renee. A good 4 side plot that ends quite smoothly.moreless

    Very good episode. The directors really know how to put 4 stories into 1. This is much better than the first episode. It was pretty funny with Ginnie and Bob's problem of the baby getting stuck in a tree. From this point on, the storyline can only get better and more charming.
  • Squabbling sisters, who does not have them, LMAO!

    Okay, so me and my sister don\'t live in NYC, and we don\'t squabble, but then again we hardly ever get to see each other. Could break-up sex be the hottest/best sex ever? What made Ann think just because they had some really hot sex all-night long that her and her boyfriend were on the path to fixing their fracturated/dismated relationship? *shrug*
  • Another Great Episode

    This was yet another episode in what appears to be a great new show.

    I enjoyed watching Rose entering into a new department at college. I could just feel how uncomfortable she must have felt.

    I noticed that Marjee can be a little inconsiderate and mean. That being said, that attitude seems to totally fit her character. I love the pancakes she made at the end.

    I felt bad for Ann. I think we all know what it's like to go through a break-up like that and I found myself yelling advice at the television.

    Ginnie is my favorite sister. She's soo comical and I love her little panick attacks. I loved all of her scenes and even went back and replayed a few of them.

    Can't wait until the next episode.moreless
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Megan Linder


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    • Marjee: Yeah, you just got to rip it off like a band-aid. You get in there, and you scream at each other, and then you spit up the CDs, and then you get out. Bing, bang, boom. Otherwise it gets ugly.

    • Rose: How does a guy show he's interested in a girl?
      Joel: Well, since we're all exactly a like, we blink three times...and unzip.

    • (talking about Renee)
      Marjee: I really think that she's afraid of silence. The other day I go into the bathroom, right, just to have a moment to myself and within two seconds she's banging on the door, 'Marjee, are you all right in there? Do you have a urinary tract infection? Does it burn when you pee?'

    • (talking to Rose about her blue hair)
      Ginnie: Ok, go to my guy, I'll take care of everything. I don't care what it costs, just come back looking like you.
      Marjee: Oh, sure, but when I wanna get one small tattoo taken off my ass I gotta pay for it myself.

    • Rose: He didn't say anything?
      Ginnie: No, I told you.
      Rose: Ok, Ok. He didn't say anything...but did he hint?
      Ginnie: No. He didn't hint, he didn't imply, he didn't send out smoke signals. If you want to know if Dad is okay with you going into the theater program, go and ask him.

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