Season 1 Episode 9

Have Yourself A Sorelli Little Christmas

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2005 on The WB
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Have Yourself A Sorelli Little Christmas
With Christmas festivities in full swing at the Sorelli house, Rose is torn between the two men (guest stars Chris Carmack and Kyle Howard) in her life, while Marjee finds herself in unfamiliar relationship territory when she realizes she may be developing feelings for her boss's boyfriend, Jason (guest star Julian Ovenden). Meanwhile, Ginnie is thrown for a loop when Bob announces at the last minute that his parents - most notably his cold-as-a-fish mother (guest star Judith Ivey) -- will be joining them for Christmas, and Anne is put in an awkward situation with her father, Joe (guest star Tom Irwin), and Renee (guest star Christine Ebersole), who is keeping a big secret.moreless

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  • This episode had its good and bad moments, but overall i liked it.

    The funniest episode ever! I luved the part where rose was talking on the phone with alex and afterwards she does the gun thing and pretends to shoot herself. It was also really funny when jason came throught the window and he was like I didn't mean to scare you and Rose is like then don't come in throgh the window. This show is wicked funny.
  • Christmas Time at the Sorelli household!

    This absolutely adorable Christmas episode, was sooo perfectly written and acted, that you couldn't not love it.

    I loved the conflict between Ginnie and Bob's mom. It was so realistic, and I know that I have seen people go through situations like this one. I loved how Bob was Prince Charming and came to Ginnie's rescue after his mother put his wife down. And the lady that played Bob's mom was perfect, my favortie part being when she gave Ginnie the I Love NY frame and her explanation for it.

    Anne seems to be a relativly good therapist, and handled the Renee situation well. And I loved how Renee and Patrick did get to meet in the end and I hope we see more with them.

    Margee was great. I loved when she gave Rose a piece of her mind about relationships. Rose definetly needed to get her head out of the gutter when it came to her situation with Alex and Joel.

    Like I said, Rose needs to realize that Alex is a jerk. She is to blind to see that Joel is perfect for her. The ipod thing was sooo cute and the pun from Alex was humorus. I think Rose knew that the ipod was from Joel to begin with, but didn't want to admit it because she has a crush on Alex and wants to be with him.

    This was an all around good episode that I can't wait to watch again tomorrow.moreless
  • A special holiday episode.

    This was a very special holiday episode. Very few shows have Christmas episodes anymore, so it was nice to see a Christmas with the Sorelli's.

    My favorite storyline by far was the relationship between Ginnie and Bob's mom. Every scene featuring the two of them together was priceless. Watching them exchange jabs and remarks was a great source of comic relief. I could feel Ginnie's pain. It got to the point where Bob's mom was totally frustrating me as well. When Bob stood up for Ginnie to his mom, a sense of pride washed over me. That was so incredibly sweet of him.

    It was so nice to see the Sorelli family together for the holidays. They are so close-knit and it is always fun to watch them all together.moreless
Judith Ivey

Judith Ivey

Bob's mom

Guest Star

Peter Paige

Peter Paige


Guest Star

Roger Rees

Roger Rees


Guest Star

Chris Carmack

Chris Carmack


Recurring Role

Tom Irwin

Tom Irwin

Joe Sorelli

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Christine Ebersole

Christine Ebersole


Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Renee and Patrick were talking, and the camera was showing Renee, we could see that Rose, and Ginnie's parents in law were in the background. But a few scenes after that, Rose had just walked in followed by the parents in law. Clearly an editing goof.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Ginnie: Did you just admit that you don't like me?
      Millicent: Yes, never have.
      Ginnie: Oh my God! See? This is fantastic, Millie!
      Millicent: It is?
      Ginnie: Yes! Yes! All this time, I just thought I was crazy.
      Millicent: Oh. I'm glad I could put your mind at ease.

    • (Ginnie opens package to find a picture frame with 'I Love New York' on it)
      Millicent: I saw it this afternoon and thought, 'It is soo Ginnie'.
      Ginnie: How? How is this me?
      Millicent: Well, you love New York...and you love pictures of yourself.

    • Ginnie: Your mother's making out like she's the victim here, but she's not. I'm the victim. And I don't want you to take this the wrong way, sweety, but you would notice that if your head wasn't soo far up your Mummy's ass.
      Bob: Oh, darlin'! That's not a pleasant visual.
      Ginnie: Oh? Well, then pull it out, Bob. Pull it out.

    • Bob: You know, it occurs to me that Ginnie isn't really included, and you know, she was with us all day. So, I'm not implying anything, but if, you know...
      Millicent: "If what?
      Bob: If you left her out, of the pictures, by accident.
      Millicent: No! No! It wasn't by accident. These pictures are for our friends to see what we did on holiday. Our friends don't know 'Jenny'. Why would they be interested in seeing pictures of a woman they've never met?
      Bob: Good point, good point. (looks at Ginnie frowning) No, not good point.

    • (referring to when his mother insults Ginnie)
      Bob: I didn't know when it happened before. How am I meant to know when it happens next time!?
      Ginnie: When I dig my nails into your'll know.

    • Bob: I'm in a very difficult position. I'm stuck between my wife and my mother. It's the two women I love most in the whole wide world. (pause) Although not in the same way.

    • Rose: What am I supposed to say? 'Hey Alex or Joel, did you send me a gift or send me nothing? Because if you sent me a gift, thank you. But, if you didn't, that's okay because I wasn't expecting anything.
      Anne: Yeah. Just like that.

    • Marjee: When you do the right you like, do you feel good? Cause I don't know, I'm not feeling it.
      Ginnie: Sweety, it's only because it's your first time.
      Anne: Yeah, being good's kind of an acquired taste.

    • Anne: Go with Joel. I like Joel.
      Marjee: That's because Danny was a Joel.
      Anne: So? What's wrong with that? Joel's are better.
      Marjee: Yeah, but remember, you were just with Marco. Marco was an Alex.
      Anne: Yeah, Alex's aren't bad.

    • Marjee: Nice shirt.
      Jason: Says the girl who picked it out this morning.

    • (talking to Ginnie about his Mother)
      Bob: She doesn't hate you, darling. We've been over this. She's British. On the outside, she appears to be unpleasant and on the inside she's just...cold.

    • Bob: Are you gonna rewrap the presents?
      Ginnie: No! I'm just gonna make them look a little prettier.
      Bob: Well then why do I even bother?
      Ginnie: Because we're wrapping presents together. It's fun!
      (Bob holds up a present)
      Bob: Do I bother wrapping this one?
      Ginnie: Who's it for?
      Bob: My parents.
      Ginnie: Oh, you may continue.

    • Bob: I am going to go out and buy you an extra present.
      Ginnie: [referring to Bob's parents visiting for X-mas] Where are they staying?
      Bob: I'm going to go out and buy you two extra presents.
      [Ginnie then pins a bow on his face in sarcasm]

    • Jason: I like waking up with you.
      Marjee: I like waking up with you too.

    • (Climbing through the window)
      Jason: Hi, I'm Jason.
      Rose: Hi, I'm Rose.
      Jason: I didn't mean to scare you.
      Rose: Then don't come through the window

    • Marjee: Rose can I give you a little advice?
      Rose: Sure
      Marjee: Shut up.

    • Millicent:I thought you would carry your baby weight differently.
      Ginnie: Differently how?
      Millicent: Less puffy.

    • Ginnie: Bob! Out!
      Bob: Why? What's going on?
      Millicent: Out!
      Bob: Yes mummy.

    • (to Bob)
      Ginnie: Spending the night with my family is the only thing thats keeping me from killing your's.

    • Ginnie: How do you know me so well?
      Bob: I don't know, I just do.

    • Jason: About this morning, I didn't know Trish was gonna do that.
      Margie: Yeah I kinda gathered that from the "oops I crapped myself" expression.

    • Marjee: Patrick? Who's that?
      Renee: My son.
      Marjee: How long was I gone?

    • Margie: Good for Bob he's finally figured out how to handle you.
      Ginnie: I don't need to be handled.
      Rose walks in
      Ginnie: Rose do I need to be handled?
      Rose: Ok, who made Ginnie feel insecure?

  • NOTES (4)


    • Episode Title: "You Have a Sorelli Little Christmas"

      The title is referring to the Christmas carol "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."