Season 1 Episode 11

London Calling

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2006 on The WB
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London Calling
Ginnie learns that Bob is working with one of his former girlfriends (guest star Jaime Ray Newman) at his job as a singer that he's producing an album for her, and Ginnie is not happy. Meanwhile, Anne sends Marco to Danny (guest star Dan Futterman) for a business deal. Marjee forces Jason to tell Trish (guest star Anne Ramsey) they are over before they officially begin their relationship. Rose can’t deny her feelings for Alex (guest star Chris Carmack) and strongly considers losing her virginity to him. Laslty, Rose confronts Joel (guest star Kyle Howard) about his sudden attitude adjustment ever since she rejected him for Alex (guest star Chris Carmack).moreless

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  • Bob gets into trouble with Ginnie. Anne and Marco step things up. Marjee ends her relationship with Jason and is out of a job. Rose is untouched no more but is torn between her current boyfriend and Joel.moreless

    EXCELLENT episode. We all finally got to see Bob at work and like the previous reviewer said, Mr. Spencer has a last name!! Very enjoyable storylines on all four fronts.

    Rose\'s dilemma with Joel and her b/f is heartbreaking and it is a hard decision for her. She can\'t have both of them, so it will be interesting to see how this ends.

    Marjee\'s situation was not shocking. I knew it was too good to be true for that player to end things with his boss. It was great to see her stand up for herself and break things off with him. I take it we won\'t see the last of Jason though. They did make a cute couple.

    Ginnie\'s storyline ROCKED!! I love how Bob\'s hotter and younger ex was thrown into the mix. \"Squishy\" was blubbering all over the place and it only got worse (and more interesting) when Ginnie wanted her to stay with them. Great and FUNNY storyline.

    All in all, I am extremely excited about this show and I know this will stay on for a long time. It is, hands down, my favorite show.moreless
  • The wheels are in motion!!!

    Okay, first of all, the last 6 eppies have been leading up to Rose choosing 2 things, losing her girlhood, and picking between two guys. Parallel to that we have Anne who is jumping all over everything in sight, only to figure out that she is ALSO really torn between two men. Then of course we have the 2 women one man aspect of Marjee's relationship woes, and finally Ginnie also being moroseful about her Hubby and his ex. This is quite a bit of turmoil and JUST THE BEGINNING. There are so many avenues that this show could take, the possibilities are endless, in addition to that ... the girls are funny, their banter between eachother is the crux of it all though. In my opinion, there needs to be more interaction with the girls and quippier quicker interaction between each of the girls and their perspective "mates. I believe that would make the ratings increase and the fun and liveliness of the show even more exuberant!!!! People, the wheels are in motion here, of course ... the show will probably get cancelled since there are so many new shows on that no one knows exactly WHAT to watch, but as far as this show goes, the wheels ARE in motion!! I hope the execpukes keep that in mind.moreless
  • Finally we get to know what Ginnie and Bob's last name is. ;)

    So many storylines and only one hour of programming. This was one of those episodes that so much happens, if you miss it, you're lost. The episode had a good storyline for each of the sisters.

    Anne and Marco sound good to me. I felt Anne's pain when she found out the Danny is dating "the slut that seats people". It was like a knife to the heart.

    I don't think that Joel is being fair to Rose. He needs to understand the choice he is giving her, a good friend or her boyfriend. It was a sad moment at the end when both Joel and Rose were watching 'Bonnie and Clyde'.

    Marjee just can't win. I knew it had to be too easy when Jason announced last week that he was going to leave Trish. Marjee made the right decision in dumping him. He can't have both of them. That's not fair to Trish or Marjee. As for quitting her job, I'm still on the fence. Yes, it would be hard for her to work there, but she needs a job.

    Bob made a mistake. Always tell your wife what's going on. If he does, he can avoid something like this happening again. I knew Ginnie was going to let the ex stay for the night, but Bob giving her that nightie!? Bob, seek help.

    I'm glad we finally got to see Bob at work. I'm also glad that we finally found out their last name! It was driving me crazy. I literally yelled out when Ginnie asked for "Bob Spencer". ;)

    Can't wait until next week. :)moreless
  • This was like the best episode yet!

    I totally loved this episode!

    I loved when Rose was talking to Alex and she was like "Oh yeah, haven't you ever heard of the Judy Blume book "Fudge Does It Twice"? That was good part. And I liked when Ginnie found out about Kiley. And then when they were like imitating Bob and Kiley got totally smashed. I was hysterical. I felt so bad for Margee when Jason lied to her about breaking up with Trish. I hope Anne does decide to date Marco; I like him. And when Rose and Joel are both watching Bonnie and Clyde, you could tell that they were thinking about each other.

    I think this was my favorite episode this season.moreless
  • this is a very great show!

    Related is one of the best family oriented shows out there. I love how it's about everyday life, truoble with men, work, and even family. It's truly a great show for everyone to watch. The four sisters-Ginnie, Anne, Marjee, and Rose are very, very close, and i personally love that. Ginnie is the oldest and probably the most dependable one out of the four. She's very relaiable and she is there to comfort her sisters whenever they need it. She always thinks of them first, she is a great big sister. She has a british husband name Bob. I love Bob. he i very funny. Ginnie is expecting a baby very soon. Next theres Anne, she recently broke off her 6 year relationship with Danny and is taking it rough. Slowly but smoothly, with the support of her sisters, she is recovering. Thens theres Marjee my favorite! Marjee is the most outgoing one and doesnt care what others think of her, she just does what she wants and she is happy. Last of the clan is Rose. She switched majors from pre-med to expirental theather and that did not make her father very happy. She is very happy with her choice and her life is going good right about now. This show is great and I don't think that it should go off the air for at least another four seasons! Keep up the great work!moreless
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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Anne: You know what's three blocks that way?
      Marjee: A homeless guy that points at his crotch and says, 'come visit the Magic Kingdom'?

    • Jason: You know, on the one hand, I feel horrible.
      Marjee: Yeah, I know.
      Jason: But on the other...
      Marjee: Terrified?

    • Bob: Please tell me what I need to do to make all of this alright again, for God's sake!
      Ginnie: You need to invent a time machine and go back in time one week and burst into my office and say, 'Ginnie, I am going to produce an album with my hot ex-girlfriend, who happens to have a pet name for me that may make you want to vomit!'. Beyond that...

    • Anne: Wow, with advice like that, I'm suprised you don't have your own talk show.
      Marjee: I know, right?

    • Marjee: I love that plan.
      Jason: Really?
      Marjee: Yes.
      Jason: Like...'throw your arms around me' love it?
      Marjee: No, like 'have sex with you in the bathroom before Trish gets back' love it.

    • Anne: You know what I need? A hiatus from men.
      Ginnie: Aw, a man fast.
      Marjee: Like on Yom Kippur. (at sister's confused glances) Jason...Greenstein.
      Ginnie: See, it's not just an affair. It's an education.

    • Anne: I was with Danny for six years...and then we ended. Boom, I'm with Marco.
      Marjee: Just boom? Or was that boom BOOM!?

    • Anne: When you're not trying to spend all of your time figuring out how to sleep with your boss' boyfriend, it's amazing how the hours just open up.

    • Rose: You don't think it's something out of a bad Judy Blume book?
      Alex: I don't know. Did Fudge lose his virginity in a fancy New York hotel?
      Rose: Oh, yeah. You never read the children's classic, 'Fudge Does it Twice'?
      Alex: Twice?
      Rose: Yeah, well, he was young and it was his first time.

    • Anne: C'mon, you work late all the time.
      Ginnie: Yeah, but this is different. When I work late, I'm revising contracts. When he works late, there's beer.

    • Rose: Isn't that where all the punk rockers used to stay?
      Flash: For fifty bucks extra, I bet you and Alex can do it in the same place where Sid killed Nancy.
      Rose: Okay, now I see the problem. You and I? Different ideas of romantic.

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