Season 1 Episode 1

Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

In the opening of the pilot- we meet the four sisters- Ginnie, Ann, Rose and Marjee. They are all playing cards and when leaving the house, Rose confirms that their father Joe is planning to marry his girlfriend Renee. The girls are thrown for a loop and the next day, they plan an engagement party through a phone chain (Ginnie calls Ann, Ann calls Marjee then Marjee calls Rose and Rose calls back Ginnie- oldest to youngest).

There are changes in each of the sisters' lives- Ginnie is pregnant and her boss is pressuring her to tell Bob (her husband) but Ginnie doesn't know how to tell him. Ann is dumped by her boyfriend Danny, which is impossible since they've been together for years. Ann turns to Ginnie for support. Marjee gets an eviction notice and after turning to big sis Ginnie, she faces the reality of moving back in with Joe and Renee. Ann learns that Rose has changed majors from pre-med to experimental theater. Even though she's not happy about her sister's decision, Ann congratulates Rose.

Ann is not happy because she cant talk to Danny about the status of their relationship. Marjee interrupts a conversation and gets a "yes" from Danny about using his restaurant for an event. Rose helps Marjee move back into Joe and Renee's house but Marjee is shocked when she learns that Rose has had her tongue pierced. Marjee is worried about Joe's reaction especially when it's his engagement party.

At the party, Rose has dyed her hair blue and her sisters desperately try to hide it. All the shockers come one after the next- everyone learns about Marjee's pregnancy, Ann's break up with Danny all the way to Rose changing majors. The sisters run off and have a bonding session in the bathroom. Even though it will cost her, Ginnie agrees to help Rose dye back her hair. With everything sorted, the family have a nice engagement party dinner and everyone gathers at Ginnie's the next day to celebrate her pregnancy.