Season 1 Episode 1

Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on The WB

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  • One of the few to be good right out of the gate.

    I was really impressed by this show's pilot. It was beautifully filmed, beautifully acted, and well written. You could already tell that the actors had chemistry, and the potential for plot lines was unlimited due to the difference in ages and personalities among the sisters. The insight the writers had into human nature and the relationship between sisters was great, and they added a sense of humor while still getting to the heart of the issues. I thought right off the bat that this would be one of the hits of the season. Unfortunately it wasn't renewed when UPN and the WB combined to form whatever station it is now. I still wonder how they let this show get away.
  • Flirty, Frothy, Fun Pilot Episode.

    I loved this episode!

    Ginnie is hilarous, I love her and Bob together, they're so sweet!

    Marjee... who doesn't love Marjee??? Lizzy Caplan is great as her in this episode dealing with her annoying boss and all those pugs.

    Poor Anne though... I hate Danny but still. She's so sad and things are so tense. I feel so bad for because Danny is part of the family and everyone loves him and she's going through this terrible thing.

    I love Rose!!! Her blue hair was amazing and I love experimental theater and flash. Her whole thing is great, she is a great character!
  • Related is the best family show to reach tv since Gilmore Girls or 7th Heaven!

    The pilot of Related was a little less exciting then I had expected but I can definitely see the potential in the show! All of the sisters are perfect cast and you can truely believe that these girls are related and have grown up together. I've been hook since show number one!
  • this 1st episode has got me hooked!

    The 1st episode of Related was absolutely great! I love it. Im hooked. I cant wait until next Monday to watch it! At first when I saw the attractions I wasn't going to watch it, but when I was done watching 7th Heaven, Marjee caught my eye-and from there I was hooked ever since! It is really and truly a great show! This episode was great. I loved how Anne turned to Ginnie for support, the their phone-chains, and how Ginnie announced to Bob how she is pregnant but doesnt want to tell the family yet. My favorite part was when they all storm off to the bathroom after all four of them told each other's secrets! great show!
  • An incredible show!

    I only watched this because it sounded sort of interesting, but I was blown away. This show was incredible. I am definitely going to watch in the future.
    I really like the dynamic between the sisters. They seem so real, unlike many other shows when the characters are flat and each chracter is a stereotype.
  • The pilot episode... we meet Ginnie, Ann, Rose and Marjee! Kudos to The WB for making such a great series!

    I thought that the pilot of Related was awesome! I like all the girls' storylines especially Rose changing majors. Ginnie is great too, she looks like Celine Dion lol! Marjee is funny, Ive loved Lizzy Caplan since Mean Girls! Ann is fabulous too!

    My favorite moment in the episode was when the secrets kept coming out at the end and when the girls tried to hide Rose because she dyed her hair blue. I also love the opening credits of the show!!! I love the lyrics!

    My other favorite moment in the pilot was their phone chain- it was cute and great!!! LOL at Rose for complaining on being the last in the chain!

    Overall, this is a promising start to a great series! The WB are really good at making dramas... I hope Related's ratings continue to go on the rise.

    Episode Grade- B+.
  • Great New Show.

    This show is definately a hit. Four sisters who are each very different living in New York. I love how each of them have their own problems and personality. Great way to start off the series. Very funny and eye catching. It definately had me hooked from the first scene.
  • YOWZA! I loved it!

    I have never laughed so hard, fell in-love with an ensemble so quickly, felt all their pain, and was invested so quickly in my entire life. 5 minutes flat it took for all these, I am dying to all the rest of the's going to be so much fun this season........and hopefully, on into many many more! =}
  • A Great New Show

    I really liked this episode of Related. Soo much so that I am ready to crown it the best new show of the season.

    I love the characters and the actresses who play them. Jennifer Esposito was great as the oldest sister. She's always fun to watch. Kiele Sanchez was wonderful as Ann. It's nice to see her on another show.

    This episode introduced us to the Sorelli sisters and let us take a peek into their lives. I love the sisterly bond that they all share. The way they can laugh and joke around with one another.

    I can't wait for the next episode.
  • 4 sisters living in the city and everyone has their own problems that the remaining sisters try to fix.

    This is a pretty good show. For a first episode it definately got me interested. It is always fun to watch how sibiling bonds build over time. It has all the characteristics to make it a great show. COMEDY, DRAMA, and you can relate it to your own life. Cause everyone always has the friend that is the baby of the gang, the other friend who is the parent figure, and etc. I think this show will give some competition for LOST. I still dunno which one I will be watching when it aires and which one I will have to record. I think WB has found the show that will have people debating weather to watch LOST or Related.
  • well it\'s the first epesode but i will defenatly watch it again.

    this was a very vute sister show. it was also funny.

    individule storylines

    ginnie- it\'s good to start off with a pregnacy, especially not planned. her secratery was funny. i can relate to her most because i am an oldest sibiling.

    ann- i felt bad for her, 6 years together. her toast was good.

    marjee- the pugs were sort of cute. man, she talks fast.

    rose- i think she is a cute younger sister. i love her hair blue but tounge peircings are nasty.

    group scenes

    phone chain- this is so cute. the whole thing was great.

    common- i like it that they all think that once that family knows it\'s official.

    telling- the scene were everything got told was really funny. more just kept comming. this was defenatly my favorite scene.

    bathroom- they are so sweet and supportive. rose had a good point about the voices.

    this is a really cute, fun, show.
  • Good Show! I added it to my Favorites list.

    I really enjoyed this show. I'm a little partial to the idea of the four sisters since I myself have three sisters of my own. Their quick banter reminded me of the Gilmore Girls. My favorite line was when Ann was questioning Ginnie on why she had to give the toast at their father's engagement dinner. She asked Ginnie what she was going to do for the event. Ginnie responded that her job is telling everyone else what to do, which is exactly what I feel my job is being the oldest. This show will definitely liven up my Wednesdays.
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