Season 1 Episode 1

Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Ginnie was changing in front of Annie, she was wearing a black bra. After talking with Annie, she turned back into her apartment and her bra strap is clearly brown/peach color.

    • In the phone chain scene with Rose and Marjee, Marjee's make up is a lot heavier than just moments before in her conversation with Ann. The Rose/Marjee scene is obviously reused footage from the unaired pilot.

  • Quotes

    • Bob: Oh, I know. Let's get naked and figure out how you got pregnant in the first place.

    • Ginnie: Marjee, you are going to have to start learning how to figure things out on your own. Some day, I might not be around to help you out.
      Marjee: Okay, you're acting really weird. Do you have some kind of terminal illness that has to do with soft drinks or something?

    • Marjee: I got it completely under control. I found a new place, and I've hired shuttle busses to take people from the old club to the new club. No, it'll be awesome. Yeah, we can call them "Pugmobiles."

    • Anne: "Postmodern Dance"? "Life as Ritual Performance"? Since when does N.Y.U. allow Pre-Med students a semester to lose their minds?
      Rose: Uh, I'm not Pre-Med anymore. Shut up. I changed majors. I'm at the School of the Arts and I'm majoring in Experimental Theater. Shut up. You can't get like you get with Marjee. You know, all noble, wanting us to do something important with our lives. Shut up! I hated Pre-Med. And I want to be an artist. And I had more fun working on my audition than I had in years of Organic Chemistry.
      Anne: Congratulations?

    • Ginnie: I love the phone chain.
      Grace: Here's an idea - why don't you call Ann and tell her to call Marjee, have her call Rose so she can tell Bob you're pregnant.

    • Marjee: Okay, so, he stands up to give me a hug, right, and, I swear to God, he smelled like cat food. But, like, he didn't even have any idea, because he lost his sense of smell in a bike accident.
      Ginnie: Well, didn't you notice this when he hit on you at the bar?
      Ann: No, this wasn't the emotionally unavailable guy from the bar. This was the codependent, wrong-number guy. Keep up.

    • Ginnie: "If you are not there, it is going to look like you don't like Renee."
      Anne: "But I don't like Renee."
      Ginnie: "That's why you have to be there."

    • Anne: Yeah, set aside external expectations, you identified your own goals and then you acted on them. Good for you.
      Rose: You really mean that?
      Anne: No! That's what I'm trained to say. Somehow it's easier to say to a man who wants to wear a dress than to a little sister that's screwing up her life.

    • Anne: What are we gonna do?
      Rose: There's nothing you can do.
      Anne: No, for Dad. We have to do something.
      Ginnie: Well...we should have an engagement dinner.
      Marjee: Or we could poison her.
      Anne: Or we could poison her at the engagement dinner.
      Ginnie: Well, either way we have to make a reservation.

    • Rose: Why am I always at the bottom of the phone chain?
      Marjee: Because you're the youngest and we don't care about your feelings.

    • Rose: I transferred from Pre-Med to the Experimental Theater Wing.
      University Registration Lady:"Your parents must be so proud."

  • Notes

    • International air date
      Greece: Saturday 21st June 2008 at 16.45 on Star

    • This pilot episode was watched by 2.77 million viewers.

    • After the series was picked up by the WB network, show creator Liz Tuccillo opted not to move from New York City to Los Angeles where the series is shot. In subsequent episode Liz Tuccillo remains an executive consultant on the series.

    • Even though the show takes place in New York City, the series is actually shot on soundstages and exterior sets in Burbank, California.

    • In the original pilot of "Related" the character Ann Sorelli (originally played by Laura San Giacomo) was the oldest sister and matriarch of the group. In the new verison of the pilot Ginnie Sorelli (Jennifer Esposito) is now the eldest sister while Ann (now played by Kiele Sanchez) is the second oldest.

    • In the original concept of "Related" the character Danny (played by Jon Hamm), who was Ann Sorelli's long-time boyfriend was a main cast member on the show. When the series was picked up the character was dropped as a main cast member and became a guest star in the pilot instead.

    • In the original pilot episode of "Related" actress Laura San Giacomo played the titled role of Ann Sorelli. When the WB network picked up the pilot she was replaced by actress Kiele Sanchez. A lot of the pilot was reshot to fit the new cast changes.

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