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    If you can't bring Related back to tv, at least make it possible for people to purchase the DVD collection. Please?????
  • You need to bring this show back.

    I never missed a show and I have been waiting and waiting for it to start up again. WHY WHY??? Would you cancel this show. There are so many reality shows now a days that it makes me sick. Get rid of a reality show and bring back Related. This is an awesome show about sisters and life obsticles and it shows that family should always stick together, especially sisters. Whoever pulled this show should be FIRED!!! Bring it back.... Please bring back this show already. I am so tired of reality tv!!! There is so very few decent tv shows the rest is all crap.
  • This show was about 4 sisters and their different lives

    I think that this show was so good and nail-bitting. Nowadays the CW formerly known as TheWB does not have shows like "Related" anymore. The only show i like now is Gossip Girl, but Related is by far more intersting. It was fun to see the sisters in different relationships. It really was a fantastic show. The actresses were such great actors, they actually seemed like sisters and i loved the way they would gather together and have sister moments. I Wish the show would of kept having new episodes and seasons because this show was just amazing. They did wrong in cancelling it!
    We Want It Back! :]
  • Pretty cool!

    I really like this show.

    People have complained that because it's from the creators of Sex & The City and Friends, that it should be amazing. No one will remark that the first four episodes of those shows were groundbreaking. But for someone looking for a replacement of those great shows, you will be disappointed. Someone looking for a great show about family, you will be pleasantly pleased. Related is ensemble cast driven, giving fair time to each actress. I think the story lines are funny, thoughtful and have a lot of room to expand for many seasons. I like that the four sisters have distinct personalities and dialog. The highlight is Jennifer Espisito. She plays a very warm, caring older sister. It's much different than what I've seen in her before, and she does it well. I am a girl that grew up with all brothers and when I watch this show, I instantly connect with the images I have had my whole life of having sisters.

    Related is great!
  • 9.5
    I really like the show Related. There is many shows out there but i dont really watch them i miss watching this show. It was a good gurl show to watch, it was like a sister hood said it reminded about it about us being At first when the show started i didnt see it but i started seeing the show when my older sister told me about the show. She said it was a really good show that was worth watching, she said it minded her of us. Please bring back the show.
  • What a great family drama!

    I think the networks made a mistake when they cancelled this show. It really was fantastic. The actresses had great chemistry with each other. The storylines were great. The on/off again relationship, the miscarriage, the struggling youngest sibling, the fourth wheel husband, the grieving sisters, the moving on father...Too bad we lost this great bit of programming.
  • Please bring the show back!

    This was a great show and i wish they would bring it back. I wanted to see what happened to them I was waiting for thwe second season to air and then I heard the news that it wasn't coming back and i got angry. So I wounder what was going to happen to them. Maybe they will bring it back but do not think they will because it was to long ago when it was on and they are not just suddenly bring it back although I wish they did. This was one of my favorite showas but now that it is not on if you people want to see another great show you should watch Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights.
  • KEEP RELATED ON THE AIR!! (and not reruns either) I love this show - I don't want it to go away.

    I absolutely love this show. I used to watch Sex and the City and loved the show - I was very sorry to see it end on HBO. Please keep Related on!! I can't wait to see this show every week!! Don't take it away!! All the good shows always end too early!!
  • I am so upset that they haven't came back with this show yet!! I LOVE it!! I was ready for it to start again and then NOTHING!! WTH??? Please bring it back!! I will watch EVERY episode just like before.

    Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back
  • Enjoyable, Blooming, Relational

    I was really enjoying this show. I loved the relationships between the sisters. They were so close and always had eachother's backs. I was looking forward to seeing what would happen as they ended and began new relationships. As they got more used to their mother's death. As their father's new relationship bloomed. I thought the writers were doing a fantastic job in keeping our interest in the characters. The characters themselves were well rounded and interesting. It's really so sad that networks are pulling such fantastic shows off the air so early, it's like their hardly giving them a chance to get off the ground before they yank them. It's unfortunate, I was looking forward to sticking with this show for a long time to come.
  • Why do stations do that?Thay put a show on then drop it like no one was intrested.This is a show about four sisters who love and hate each other.They fight,scream,yell,no matter what happens,they always forgive one another. That is what a family's about!

    Have you ever sat down and watched TV and thought I just wasted 30 an hour of my time?I never had that happen to me when I watched Related!In fact,I couldn't wait for more.I enjoyed every moment of every episode.The drama and relationships between the sisters.I loved the story lines, I loved the characters,I loved everything about this show! Witty, funny, heart warming.I could relate to the show.I felt likeI was watching my life at times and that can really help when things are kind of rough.I really wish they'd bring this show back.TV is not the same without it.
  • Please bring this show back!!!!!!

    Please bring this show back. It was one of my favorite shows. The drama and relationships between the sisters was awesome. You left us hanging, wondering, and needing to know more about them. I want to know does Jenni and Bob stay together, does Marjee and Jason make it, does Annie get to have a good relationship, does Rose get Nole. What happens please bring it back. Why do the stations always do that? Thay put a show on for one or two seasons then just drop it like noone was intrested. Them never let us know that they aren't bringing it back they just drop it and never talk about it agian.
  • I Miss this Show. Why did they have to cancel it? Please Bring it Back!!!

    This show had it all! Have you ever sat down and watched TV and thought, I just wasted 30 mins. to an hour of my time? I never had that happen to me when I watched Related! In fact, I couldn't wait for more. The experience went by too quickly. I enjoyed every moment of every episode. I Miss This Show So Much! I still have every episode on my Tivo and watch them. I loved the story lines, I loved the characters, I loved everything about this show! Witty, funny, heart warming . . . and I could relate to the show. I felt like I was watching my life at times and that can really help when things are kind of rough. I really wish they'd bring this show back. TV is not the same without it.
  • please bring it back!!

    Please bring this show back. I loved this show. I was satisfied with the way the season ended but I see that this show has a lot of growing and potential. This show is like friends but family meets sex in the city! Each sister had their own characters. It had alot of family values and handle alot of family issues. So i am begging to bring this show back hopefully someone would pick it up again and also get all the girls back together. my favorite was Annie. A young independent woman who had to change her life when her boyfriend broke up with her and she had to learn life again. That is a major issue that alot of young woman go through.
  • A show about four sisters.

    Related was a great show, and I'm so sad that it wasn't renewed for a second season. All of the characters were great. My personal favorite was Anne Sorelli. Related was very well written. I thought that the writers did a very good job of creating a show that had both dramatic and funny moments. The show was very true to life of what it's like to have siblings. Related had a lot of very funny and memorable scenes. I wish that some of the storylines hadn't been left with loose ends, but oh well. I wish that Related would come back, but I know that's not going to happen. Thanks for all of the great memories Related!
  • I miss this show. I loved all the girls. They really dealt with so many real life issues. I was addicted to this show. I think that all the actors did a great job playing their characters. So please bring it back.

    I don't know how to give a great review. All I know is that I really miss the show. I have been waiting for it to start. Didn't realize that it wasn't until I decided to look it up on line. Once again please bring it back. It was a great show.
  • This show is absouloutly awsome, and I do not understand why it was canceled, as you can see on this page there are a lot of people who want this show to have more seasons!

    This show is absouloutly awsome, and I do not understand why it was canceled, as you can see on this page there are a lot of people who want this show to have more seasons! I really wish more seasons will me prodused, so we can see what happens, since the end did not bring any sort of closure.
  • This show was excellent, I can't believe it has been taken off the air. It was a definite 10!

    I can't believe the CW did not renew this series. My friends and I can all relate to these women. Every show was very well written, there was humor and emotion! It was such and amazing show and I know I am not the only one that looked forward to watching this weekly. Even at age 29, I was addicted and so were many of my friends. The great thing about this show was it had a connection with so many different people. It discussed a wide variety of issues, serious and fun, dating life and married life. Please bring this back on the air as many of your viewers were anxiously awaiting the new season.
  • This show was great. I could relate to each character and really enjoyed it. I can\'t believe they would cancel this show and keep something as silly as \'Gilligan\'s Island Rescued\'!!

    This show was great. I could relate to each character and really enjoyed it. I can\'t believe they would cancel this show and keep something as silly as \'Gilligan\'s Island Rescued\'!!
    This show had drama, humour, friendship, and family. It was witty and clasic with a cute vibe. I looked forward to it each week and am surprised it has been cancelled.
  • This was a fantastic show, that just about anyone can relate to!

    This was a fantastic show, that just about anyone can relate to! It seemed like the show was doing very well because everyone I talked to watched it. I have seen a few of the stars from this show on other new hits. Maybe there is no going back, but I think it is truly a shame. I think anyone who has siblings, sisters or brothers, can understand what this show was all about. This was a show I could watch with my mom that was not too boring, but also not too wild and crazy. I cannot believe it was not renewed! :(
  • related This was a great show and it needs to come back.I looked forward to watching each week.

    Related this was a great show and it needs to come back.I looked forward to watching each week.My mom loved watching also. This show was awesome bring it back.Get rid of smallville and bring back related. I liked the connection the sisters had and wity sense of humor. I rated this show a perfect 10. so please bring it back to us.This show reminds me alot like me and my own sisters connection. related This was a great show and it needs to come back.I looked forward to watching each week.related This was a great show and it needs to come back.I looked forward to watching each week.
  • I was wondering why I hadn't seen any commericals for the season premiere, until I visited this website. I am so disappointed! This was a great show! Anyone with sisters can relate!! I hope it is not to late to bring it back!!

    My friends and I were really excited for the new season. Even my fiance would watch this with me! We hope you think twice before ending the exciting chemistry so many were attracted to. It would be a shame. There aren't many great shows on these days and Related was one of them!I looked forward to watching this show every week.It had an element of reality that most shows lack because they are so far fetched. The characters had fantastic chemistry and it was purely entertaining! It kept us coming back religiously each week! My friends and I are extrememly disappointed that it is not returning. We strongly urge the network to reconsider!!
  • This Show was the best show I had seen in a long time! I can't believe that they screwed themselves by not bringing it back CW has really ruined the WB's depressing.

    Honestly, I don't have a clue what CW thinks that they are accomplishing buy taking all of the good, classy shows off of the WB. My friend and I were avid WB fans and now most of what they have is trash. I hope that they realize this soon enough to keep them from loosing all of their fans. I know at least 10 people that feel the same way that I do. If they are smart, they will bring this show back because it was reaching a target audience that they are obviously not reaching anymore. An audience that they happen to need. Oh's hoping!!!
  • This show was magic and funny and real and zanny. I loved it. There was great chemistry.

    What were they thinking taking this show off. This is one of the few shows I watched other than csi. this puts 7th heaven and one tree hill to shame. bring it back. The girls were awesome. The writing was witty and the chemistry was great. I was drawn into their world and being a little cynical that is hard to do. The season ended all open ended and things need to be resolved. Please bring bck all things good and that is the related cast. this writing and story lines and charachters deserve a place on the line up.
  • I Can't believe the CW didn't renew it.

    Love It!!!!!! It was a great show. It took place in the busy New York City. With the four sisters , Ginger , Anne ,Margie ,and Rose. Ginger the oldest child, was a married person, who was expecting her first child, but miscarried, and her marriage now is a rocky road to come. Anne, is the secoand oldest ,who had a boyfriend for six yeras ,then broke up, and dated her dad's sauage guy, and then went back to her first boyfriend. Margie ,who is the second youngest ,has alot of problems. First she moves into an apartment, then has to move out, and live with her dad ,and his fiance. Doesn't go to collage ,and gets this reall bad job with a mean boss. Then dates her co- worker, Jason ,who was dating his boss, then broke it off. Margie quit her job, along with her boyfrriend Jasom, to start their own busnieess, and doesn't accapet an offer to move in with Jason. And Finally the little one, the youngest Rose ,who changes her majors to per med to acting, which her father doesn't appove of .Then is dating her boyfriend Koel, but likes this other guy ,Alex ,and ends up dating him, and breaks up with him to be with Joel ,but finds out that he is dating someday else, but then they get back together. I love this show.
  • Great show! I never missed an episode!

    Love it! Is it still on? This show was the best new show since Seventh Heaven! I haven't seen it previewed yet! I will be totally bummed if it doesn't come back on the air! I don't know if there's a way to request a show come back for another season if you loved it? Is there? The sisters were like best friends, the dad was a genuine, sweet, caring dad! The show had drama, comedy, and family values! I really enjoyed watching the show! All the sisters were different and they showed eachother how to get along with differences! I love the way they all stuck so closely together even when their mom died when they were so little! I want to know if Bob comes back to Ginney and if Anne gets back together with Danny and what happens with Rose and Joel? And of course, what crazy thing will Margery do next??? GREAT SHOW!!!
  • Related is the story of four sisters and all the things that go on in their lives. They have real situations that happen in real life, and many people can relate to the characters on the show.

    Related is my Favorite show. I watched it every time it was on. I will be very sad if it does not come back on the air, especially the way that it ended last year. There are not many shows that are that good but I love this show. I have told so many of my friends about this show and now they watch it too. It reminds me of my sister and it is so nice to have a show like this on T.V. that is no violent, or that has strange things happening. They better not keep us hanging and not play the show again. It is my Favorite show ever!
  • Related was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time well besides from 7th Heaven. It was great. I would love to see this show next season.

    The Sorelli sisters are something that I have always wanted for sisters. Related shouldn't be canceled. It gives people something to watch and something to wish for. Related should be given a second chance of coming back next season. They were there when a sister was in trouble. How many sisters do you know actually do that? They shared memories with each other about their mother. There was sadness and happiness but no matter what the sister were going through they seemed to always be there for each other. I really hope to see this show come back next season. It would make audiences very happy to see this come back.
  • My favorite show last season

    Great show that makes me wish I had sisters. I hope a network picks it up for a second season! This is a hit because it is a refreshing break from all of the crime solving and reality shows. Plus Related draws you in more and more each episode making it an agonizing week in between shows because it is so much fun to watch!
  • I love this show. It was my favorite last season. I look forward to seeing it continue. The Sorelli sisters are awesome, what great casting and performances. If you haven't seen it - tune in for a great night!

    I am a huge fan of the show. I happened upon it last season and fell in love. I can really relate to all of the sisters. It is drama and comedy every episode! The casting is superb! The show just works! Don't take it off the air! I have been waiting for it to come on this fall...don't break my heart. I want to know what happens to them - way too many loose ends left! I guess I will wait and pray that The CW picks it up! Fingers crossed. Desperatly waiting in Florida for the Sorelli sisters to finish what they started!
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