Season 1 Episode 6

Sex and the Sisters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2005 on The WB
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Sex and the Sisters
While Ginnie and Bob are told to refrain from having sex for a few weeks as a pregnancy precaution, Rose contemplates having sex for the first time as she finds herself really falling for Alex (guest star Chris Carmack). Meanwhile, Marjee and Jason (guest star Julian Ovenden), Marjee's boss’ boyfriend who Marjee recently madeout with, are put in charge of a huge wedding; and Anne winds up sleeping with Rose's classmate (guest star Andrew Keegan) after she spends an unbearable several hours with an awful wedding date (guest star Jonathan Silverman).moreless

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  • This is my favorite Related epesode so far. It was amaizing.

    I loved it that Rose went to Margee for advice. The whole coversation was funny. When Margee told Ginnie and Ann, Ann called Marjee a sluty sister and Margee did not care. That is weird cuz in the pilot Margee was all worked up about, I think it was Ann, calling her job shallow. The breakfas scene was great. Bob and Ginnie had sez on there first date. They were being biast. The only sister who was fair was Margee. I liked it when Rose said I am going to go back to my dorm and screen your calls for the rest of the day.

    I love Joel. He is smart and ausome. He is really hott too. Clearly Joel is jelous. HE is so sweet. Joel and Rose kind of remind me of Ruthie and Martin on 7th Heaven. Its weird that Rose and Alex did not have sex but slept in the same room. Alex was sort of sweet. Rose seemed like such a slut when she said we can still sleep in the same bed.

    Ann date was so weird. It was so funny when he sang to her. I love the detail that he was a texedermy not a tax eterny. Anns toast was annoying. Finally Ann got together with Zach and gave him a chance even if it is just sex. Andrew Keegan is hott. I loved the scene were Rose and Ann ran into eachother. Ann was going to say something but instead gave a halfhearted smile.

    Margee was great. Margee is so smart. I like it when Tish was talking about Margee and Margee said Margee is right here. Margee did a good job but the bride was a ugly ass. Margee looked so pretty in her magenta dress. It was really great. The more I watch Margee the more I love her.

    I loved watching Bob and Ginnie struggle. It was great that we got to learn more about there history. Poor Bob, he was tounge boy. There realationship is all about sex. I loved every moment of this. I loved it when Ginnie said don't talk. British acsents turn me on. The scrabble game was hilarius. Lick.

    I loved and adored every second of this epesode. It was flawless. The acting was amaizing. The writing was funny and interetaining. Way to go.moreless
  • A very funny episode.

    In this episode, we get to see Ginnie and Bob deal with abstinence, Rose deciding whether or not to give up her virginity, Marjee working on her first major solo gig and Anne try to find a wedding date. Add those together and you get another great episode.

    It was nice to see Ginnie and Bob talk a little about their relationship so that we can all understand how they met. Some "Ginnie and Bob" time was in order.

    I also enjoyed watching Anne and her date for the wedding. I felt incredibly uncomfortable for her. I can only imagine what it would have been like to actually BE her. Especially when her date started to sing!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The words already on the Scrabble board when Ginnie and Bob are playing are: oral, love, people, porn, breast, arm, titillate, and thrust.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ginnie: You only get one first time.
      Anne: Yes, and we just want to make sure that when you do it, it is with the right guy.
      Ginnie: Someone who treats you with respect. You know because, this is your first time, but he...
      Anne: ...has had sex. Probably, by the looks of him, a lot.

    • (stalling with wedding toast)
      Anne: We met the summer between sixth and seventh grade. Remember that? Let me tell you a little bit about that

    • Ginnie: It's a chance to...go back to the beginning of our relationship. Like a first date.
      Bob: We had sex on our first date.
      Ginnie: Yeah...
      Bob : Yeah.
      Ginnie: Which is why this is great because it's like the first date we never had!
      Bob: I don't really date women who don't put out!

    • (suggesting movies)
      Bob: Got it. Perfect! Cocoon.
      Ginnie: Yes! Wilford Brimley in his bathing suit. See? We can do this.

    • Rose: Oh my God! I'm never trusting Marjee with anything again.
      Anne: Of course not, nobody does.

    • (talking to Rose)
      Ginnie: Sex isn't fun and you shouldn't do it!

    • Marjee: It was a privileged conversation. You know about that.
      Anne: Yeah, I know about a doctor, patient privilege. I don't know about a little sister, slutty sister privilege.

    • Zach: All I'm saying is that I'm free Saturday.
      Anne: And all I'm saying is, 'Have a good Saturday'.
      Zach: No, no, no, nevermind the t-shirt and the sweats...picture me in a tuxedo.
      Anne: Ok, well I'm picturing you.
      Zach: And?
      Anne: You're at the prom.
      Zach: Ouch!

    • Rose: I don't get alternative newspapers. How can the people that like complicated articles about city politics be the same people who want breast enhancement and liposuction?
      Marjee: Some people are smart, fat and flat.

    • Doctor: Just to be on the safe side, let's say no sex for a week or two.
      Ginnie: Excuse me?
      Bob: What?
      Doctor: Nothing to panic about, it's just a precaution.
      Ginnie: Oh, ah yeah...we're not panicking. It's little curious though, is it one week or two weeks? Just a little vague.
      Bob: Vague.
      Doctor: Let's say two.
      Bob: Um, excuse me? Just curious, are they business weeks?
      Doctor: Two weeks. Fourteen days. Alright, I know you're in a hurry. I'll let you get to your pressing meeting.
      Ginnie: We don't have a pressing meeting anymore.

    • (Trish answers her phone)
      Trish: Trish Houghton. Speak.
      (pause) Louder than that. I'm old.

    • Marjee: (to Rose) What is it? Did you break something? Burn something? Did you get caught on tape doing somthing wild?

    • (about Marjee giving Rose sex advice)
      Ann: What did you say?
      Marjee: I said, "It's good... have it". I also said be safe.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The title is a reference to the HBO series "Sex and the City" also about four women living in New York. Both shows share the same executive producers and crisp, quick writing style.