Season 1 Episode 17

The Cape

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on The WB
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The Cape
Ginnie and Bob continue to do their best in fixing their current marital problems. The couple decides to spend the weekend at the Cape, with the suggestion of Ginnie's father Joe (guest-star Tom Irwin). Marjee invites Jason (guest-star Julian Ovenden) to move into Anne’s place after Trish (guest-star Anne Ramsay) evicts him from her apartment. Meanwhile, Rose continues to drive a wedge in between Joel and his girlfriend Chloe as she kisses Joel after getting drunk at a college party. Lasty, Joe breaks the news to Ginnie that he and Renee (Christine Ebersole) are planning to make the Cape their permanent home, and a panicked Ginnie calls in her sisters as reinforcements.moreless

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  • The sisters discover that their father wants to move 4 hours away with her new wife to Cape Cod.

    This episode was one part of a two hour season finale. Watching it I had a feel of bitter sweet excitement. The actors and storyline have finally fallen into a very comfortable place. I think that the girls are work extremely well off of eachother and it would be a shame to lose the show because of poor ratings. Related has so much potenial for a second season.
  • It's always nice to see the episodes focused on the family.

    I enjoyed this episode. I like it when the characters on a show go away somewhere. Not enough shows do that these days.

    I can't believe that Marjee even asked Anne if Jason could move in with them. It was crowded enough with just Anne and Marjee, add Jason, with whom she knows Anne doesn't like, and it's a nightmare. That said, Anne's answer of, "I guess so.", did seem like permission for him to move in.

    Rose should not have gone to Joel's party. She should have found some way to excuse herself from going. She put herself in the position to get drunk and kiss Joel. She should not have kissed him and she should have kept her distance. Although, it was very comical to watch Rose drunk. :)

    It was great that Ginnie and Bob got to get away and spend some time together. It is so incredibly hard to watch them being soo distant with one another.

    Patrick, Patrick, Patrick...he's been nothing but trouble to the girls. I understand why Joe wants to move. He wants to retire and relax now. However, I don't think moving would have come up if it weren't for Patrick. I guess I understand both of their sides, Patrick and the sisters. Doesn't make it any easier. ;)moreless
  • What can I say, it was funny and sad.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It had funny moments like when Rose gets drunk and keep doing very funny things. They all met up at the cape. Not much to say about this episode. I think it was a filler, which is sad but oh well, there was the series final right after it.
Julian Ovenden

Julian Ovenden


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Tom Irwin

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  • QUOTES (17)

    • Marjee: Have you all been talking about me behind my back? I'm not Rose!

    • Marjee: I'm just gonna tell him point blank. If he's gone, I'm gonna wined up in jail.
      Anne: That's true.

    • Marjee: You! This is all your fault. I'm gonna kick your ass.
      Patrick: Hey. Hey. Easy. Easy. I've got coffee.
      Marjee: I don't want your coffee.
      Ginnie: Marjee. No Really. It's okay. He's been great.
      Marjee: Okay good. I actually do want some coffee.

    • Marjee (on the phone): Rose. I'm picking you up. We gotta go to Cape Cod.
      Rose: I knew you were gonna say that. I'm gonna get my skates.

    • Rose: You know what builds character? Suffering. Oh and sacrafice builds character. It defines Joan of Arc or Michelle Kwan. Or you know who else? Michelle Kwan!
      Boy: Yeah. You know what? I'm not gonna try and sleep with you anymore.

    • Chloe: I'm not gonna be the one who takes away his precious Rose. So just be there.
      Rose: Wow. Now I really wanna go.

    • Rose: Umm can I have a poppy seed muffin too. I love your muffins. They're hot.
      Abraham: Alright.
      Joel: I'm sorry but did you just tell Abraham that you like his hot muffins?

    • Marjee: ...I have been nothing but nice to all of your boyfriends, Lance! The ice dancers. I knew he was gay. I always knew he was gay and I never told you.
      Ginnie: Well you could have told me and helped me out. I had to find out the hard way.
      Anne: Or the not so hard way.

    • Marjee: Can you believe this? My own sister doesn't like my boyfriend.
      Anne: God Ginnie. I mean the guy has no job, no apartment and he cheated on his last girlfriend. What's not to like?

    • Rose: So I'm sitting there with Garry and I realize I love Joel (silence) I love Joel.
      Marjee: Obviously Rose.
      Ginnie: No kidding.
      Anne: Could you pass the Cheetos?

    • Anne: You guys can call me Rosie O'Donnel from now on, because I'm out.
      Ginnie: You always win. What's wrong with you?

    • Rose: And you want us to be jealous?
      Ginnie: Yes Please.
      Anne: Actually I am kinda jealous. That sounds nice.
      Marjee: Yeah it kinda does. Why weren't we invited?
      Ginnie: Dad loves me most.

    • Anne: Sorry I'm late. I had a client who actually realized he's not a women trapped in a man's body.
      Rose: Oh. Good for him.
      Anne: Not really. He's an operation too late.

    • Anne: There's gonna have to be some ground rules.
      Marjee: Please, I don't listen to dad. I'm not gonna listen to you.

    • Marjee: Do you ever have one of those days where your boyfriend gets kicked out of his apartment because it was owned by his ex-girlfriend who also happens to be your ex-boss?
      Anne: Wow. Who woulda think that stealing Trish's boyfriend and then her dog would have come back to bite you in the ass.

    • Marjee: It's a burglar Jason. Come on. Go look.
      Jason: No I'm naked.
      Marjee: So what?
      Jason: I don't wanna die naked. The police take pictures.

    • Ginnie: I lied. I am a lawyer, that's what I do.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Patrick and Ginnie were talking about "The Shining." The Shining by Stephen King is a 1980's movie starring Jack Nicholson who ran a hotel for the winter and went crazy. There was also a made for TV remake in the 90's.

    • Episode title: The episode title "The Cape" is probably referenced after the place, Cape Cod.