Season 1 Episode 10

The Godmother (a.k.a. Trust)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2006 on The WB
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The Godmother (a.k.a. Trust)
Returning from the Christmas break, Rose must face the two guys (guest stars Kyle Howard and Chris Carmack) in her life and decide which one is right for her. Marjee realizes she can't be the "other woman" any longer and gives Jason (guest star Julian Ovenden) an ultimatum, and Anne (Kiele Sanchez) fully embraces her fling with Rose's 19-year-old classmate, Zach (guest star Andrew Keegan). Meanwhile, Ginnie and Bob sit down with an attorney to draw up their wills, but quickly discover they have completely different ideas of who should be the guardian of their child in the event something should happen to them.moreless

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  • Anne did the responsible thng as we hoped she would. Did Rose pick d right guy? Ginnie and Bob parnoid as usual: they takin this baby thing to another level. Poor Marjee, how did she get herself into this web? Has ne1 ever been in her position- plz holla!moreless

    Lets start with Anne. So, she finally broke it off with that college guy- thats ggod. How long did WE think that it would last? How long did she think? But least there is no hatred between them- so its all good. But she seeing a therapist?! Now thats ironic!

    Ginnie and Bob ALMOST get hit by a falling ac and they immediately get riled. They start making their wills... but the problem is who is worthy top be a parent for their child or children? That was their drama for the episode- for 3 or 4 days. Of course they kweep it in the family, they choose Ann.

    Rose is torn between 2 guys and she has to choose. But she didnt choose the conventional best friend, nope, she chose the badboy Alex. but is that the right choice. Joel told her that if things didnt workout between she and Alex, he would NOT be waiting in the side lines.

    As for Majee, its mostly about she and Jason deciding what to do abiut their relationship-him choosing her or "the boss". He choses her.

    All in all, it was a good episode.moreless
  • Awesome episode!

    I loved this episode.

    Parts I loved the most:

    ~The dad's advice to Ginnie. I loved it. It was great advice when he said, "It shouldn't be the two people fighting with each other. It should be the people fighting against the problem."

    ~When Zach came out of the shower and was like "Hi Rose" and she was like "Hi Zach" and then Anne came out of the shower and was like "Hi Rose" and she was like "Anne?" I thought that was pretty funny.

    ~When Margee and Rose were in the gym. I just love the way Margee says things. I think that she's my new favorite sister.

    ~Bob and Ginnie telling Anne that she was the baby's godmother. That was so cute. I loved when Ginnie was like "You know we have to die first, right?" after Anne was like "I'm going to be the best mom ever. (blah blah blah)"

    Ok anyways so yeah I'm upset about Rose choosing Alex, but I think it will all turn out ok.moreless
  • Finally another episode.

    This episode centered more around the drama part of this dramedy.

    It seems to me that there has been too much of the whole Rose-Alex-Joel trilogy. This is not one of my favorite storylines. It was nice to see that the episode had some other storylines to also focus on.

    I'm glad that Marjee finally gave Jason an ultimatum. It was well past due. This is no longer pre-school. She does not have to share, and definitely not with Trish! Go Jason for finally stepping up and making a choice.

    I'm sad to see the relationship between Anne and Zach end. Yes, Zach was immature and young. In her shoes, I would have made the same decision that Anne did. However, it was so cute to see the two of them together. And them in the dorm shower!? Hilarious.

    Dealing with one's mortality is always hard, as Ginnie and Bob found out. Their scenes were emotional and rightfully so. I do believe that Bob was being a little too hard on Anne, though. He definitely should have conducted his grilling of her in a different manner so as not to hurt her feelings.

    As usual, they leave me waiting (somewhat impatiently) for the next episode. ;)moreless
Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan


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John Rubinstein

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Paul Cassell

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Julian Ovenden


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Kyle Howard

Kyle Howard


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    • Anne: I promise that I will not let you down. And, I'm gonna be such a good Mom to your baby. And, I'm gonna love it so hard.
      Ginnie: Honey, we know! We know! But, I mean you do know that we have to die first.
      Anne: Oh, yeah, of course!

    • Zach: You know, if we break up, my cool factor's gonna go down thirty percent.
      Anne: I would have thought more.

    • Joe: Remember that ski trip you wanted to go on with Jeannie...Lupinazi? Your mom didn't want you to go. She was worried that you were gonna break one of your legs. Alright? But I told her it would be okay. I thought you should go. Your mom said, 'OK'.
      Ginnie: But I did break my leg.
      Joe: Your mama was a wise woman.
      Ginnie: Yeah.

    • Joe: Do you remember when you threw a rock and hit Billy Mestachi in the eye?
      Ginnie: Yeah, I was punished for a month.
      Joe: That's right. See, I wanted to reward you. I hated that little son of a bitch. I was gonna take you for ice cream. Your mother went nuts on me.

    • Ginnie: We can't agree on who will take care of our child if we both should (whispers) die. I mean, I, of course, think it should be Anne. And he has some ridiculous idea that it should be our friends, Tom and Rebecca because they're great parents. They adopt orphans and (crap).

    • Ginnie: I hate Bob.
      Joe: Why? What, did he cheat on you? Cause I know a guy.
      Ginnie: You don't know a guy.
      Joe: I don't know, I'm Italian, I own a deli, I probably should.

    • Ginnie: Me and Bob are going through a little thing. I want Anne to be the godmother for our kid, but he wants our friends, Tom and Rebecca.
      Marjee: Wait a sec, why can't it be me?
      Rose: Or me?
      Ginnie: (to Rose What? You're too young. (to Marjee) You? Do I really need to list the reasons?
      Marjee: Okay, fine, but you could at least pretend to consider me.

    • Marjee: Anne, your glass house? It's about to come down.
      Ginnie: Oh no, no, no! No coming down of the glass houses!
      Marjee: You had sex last night in the dorm shower with your twenty year old boyfriend.
      Bob: Really!?
      Anne: (to Rose) You told her that?
      Rose: Well, if you wanted it to be a secret, why'd you do it in a public shower?
      Ginnie: Oh God.

    • Anne: So, wait a minute, your boss is doing you this huge favor and now you can't take her boyfriend as your date? You should be incensed, Marjee.

    • Anne: If you and Bob don't die, you really should work on your communication skills.

    • Ginnie: It's just that, since you and Danny broke up, it's know, you've been a bit...
      Anne: Slutty.
      Ginnie: And...
      Anne: Irresponsible.
      Ginnie: And...
      Anne: I'm not really making a good case for myself, am I?

    • Ginnie: I want you to be the godmother, but Bob...kinda on the fence.
      Anne: What do you mean, 'Bob's on the fence'. On the fence about me? I'll kill him!
      Ginnie: I know, we can do that later, but right now we have to focus. We have to focus on convincing him that you are the right choice.

    • Anne: I am soo looking forward to this class. I totally need the workout.
      Rose: Anne, you missed the class.
      Anne: Oh, thank god, cause I don't have the energy.

    • Rose: I hate the guy thing! I wish I was a lesbian.
      Marjee: No, cause then you'd just be like, 'I like Amy. I like the way she kisses, but Lisa just is soo fine!'.
      (Anne overhears the last part)
      Anne: there anything you want to talk about Marjee?
      Marjee: Rose...she wants to be a lesbian.
      Anne: Yeah, I get that.

    • Joe: We'll pay the fee. You could use the extra money to move out, get your own place.
      Marjee: Okay, my fee is five thousand dollars.
      Joe: What!?
      Marjee: I want a doorman building.

    • Zach: How long is it gonna take you to get here?
      Anne: I'm not sure I can. My therapist gave me homework.
      Zach: Mmm...that's important. On the other hand...tequila shots and sex.
      Anne: You make a valid point. I'll be right there.

    • Anne: "She doesn't need therapy! Okay, her biggest problem...multiple orgasms. That's not a problem!"

    • Ginnie: I mean, burial's just such a big lie.
      Bob: Yeah.
      Ginnie: You know, the big wood box, nice silk lining, comfy pillow. But the bugs are coming. They're coming and they're gonna getcha.
      Bob: Darling, that's my thinking exactly. Yeah! High five for cremation!

    • Richard: So, that brings us to organ donation. Have either of you given it any thought?
      Bob: I definitely want to be a donor, for sure.
      Ginnie: Me, too.
      Bob: Oh, really?
      Ginnie: Yeah. Except not my eyes. I just can't imagine my eyes looking out of, like, someone else's head. I just can't.
      Bob: But, darling, your eyes are just so beautiful, it's just...such a shame to keep that beauty from the world.
      Ginnie: Bob...
      Bob: Yeah?
      Ginnie: That is so sweet! You know what...give them my eyes!

    • Marjee: Aw, it's kinda hard having two girlfriends, isn't it?
      Jason: It is now! Oh, this isn't the time for jokes, is it?

    • Richard: I work here with your wife. Uh...under your wife. I mean, for her. Not that I'm ever physically under...her.
      Ginnie: Thank you, Richard!

    • Trish: Now, I have to go. Sherman just got a cyst removed from her butt and she'll cry if I'm not their when she wakes up.

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