Season 1 Episode 18

The Move

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on The WB
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The Move
The Sorelli sisters prepare to help their father Joe (guest-star Tom Iwin) and Renee move up to the Cape. At the same time, the sisters begin to reminisce about their deceased mother Francesca (guest-star Dana Delany). Meanwhile, Bob is forced to choose between a business trip or staying home and working on his rocky marriage to Ginnie. Marjee also does some heavy thinking as she and Jason begin to move in together. A depressed Anne sturggles over the fact that she and Danny (guest-star Dan Futterman) will probably never get back together. Lastly, Rose decides to stop being the good girl and goes after what she really wants, Joel (guest-star Kyle Howard).moreless

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  • Really good season finale. I am glad Rose and Joel got together. AWESOME SEASON FINALE!!!

    I was really happy when Rose got together with Joel in the end. They are so right for eachother. Alex was the biggest idiot ever. I can't believe she was ever with him. He was such a jerk to her. Joel was like never mean to Rose and he always liked her. They are perfect for eachother. Marjee made a good choice to dump Jason. Anne and Danny belong together. Ginnie and Bob need to be closer again. They deserve eachother. Ginny's guy friend wasn't very cute. Rose and Joel need to be together forever. I think they will stay together for a long time because they both know that they truly need and want to be togrther.moreless
  • At least we know they're going to be okay. I'll miss the Sorelli sisters.

    I can't believe that one of the best shows in television has ended. 'Related' lost itself a little after Ginnie lost her baby, but still, it was a praticaly perfect season, with a perfect ending.

    Suddenly Francesca's back on and I'm not understanding anything. I'm mad at myself because I didn't see if Dan Futterman (Danny) was going to appear. I'm mad because Renee's gone, because Joe's moving away, because Rose's not with Joel, because I know it's the end.

    Suddenly, 'Related' show me, once again, why it's such a great show. Ginnie was pratically following her mother's footsteps as she went to another man's house, while her marriage was on the rocks. She and Bob are so distant, she almost doesn't know what she's doing, and why she's doing that. But she can't cheat on Bob, just like Francesca kept faithful to Joe. Ginnie suffered a great loss, but she finally wants to make things right. But now Bob's going away on tour, with his hot ex-girlfriend Kylie. Ginnie gets back to their place and Bob's gone.

    Anne's alone and lost. She has nothing to do, no one to share her life with. Joe notices that and is worried about her. That's when he tells the story of how he and Francesca met. Anne learns she has to do just like her mom, go after the man she wants. She knocks on Danny's door and kiss him.

    Marjee grew up during this season, and when she's almost moving in with Jason, she realizes he's not her soulmate. She needs the fairytale, her parents had that. I couldn't believe she was breaking up with Jason, but that was the right thing to do (I just never expected Marjee was going to realize that). He goes away, she's alone.

    Rose takes a year and Chloe to realize she loves Joel. She goes over to his place, but he doesn't care anymore. Poor Rose. But then, just like Anne, she comes back, kiss him, because she knows she can't let him go. I'm so proud of Rose.

    It ended with Ginnie and Marjee alone, Anne and Danny talking on the sofa, Rose and Joel in bed. There won't be a next season, but still I know Bob'll never make it to the airport, he'll come back and be with Ginnie, they'll have another baby (probably a little girl named Francesca) and be happily ever after. Anne and Danny will get back together, then married, then will have a baby as well. Marjee'll find someone who's her soulmate, and Rose and Joel will stay together.

    I'm just sorry I'll never get to see it.moreless
  • A satisfying end to the season and perhaps the series...but I still want more!!

    This may have be the final episode of Related ever! It's horrrible to think that we could lose such an amazing cast of actors and storylines. The ending was left pretty well so that it was satisfying enough to live with if the show does not return. However there were plenty of possibilities left open for a second season!
  • A good end to a perfect season. Hoping there will be more.

    This was a good ending to a really, really good season. Although not knowing if it will come back or not, it getting me worked up and anxious.

    It was sad to see the sisters packing up their childhood home. The flash backs to 1988 was really fun to see. Seeing that Francesca went through the same thing that Ginnie was going through, priceless. I am very happy with both of their decisions to leave, realizing how wrong it was. Seeing how much they loved their husbands.

    The talk between Anne and Joe,was amazing. I was happy to see that he was worried about how Anne has been, and about leaving her. He gave out great information saying that she should go and get what she wanted. And she did, she went to get Danny.

    Joel has not been the nicest to Rose lately, but I am happy to see her with him, instead of Alex. They are really cute together, and see to fit.

    I praised Marjee on her decision to not move in the Jason. She just didn’t see the fairytale she wanted, that she knew she really deserved.

    I am halfway really ticked off at Bob, and half not. I did see why he thought that time apart from Ginnie would help, but he also didn’t see her run back for him.

    Hoping there will be seasons to come!

  • Nothing like a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more...

    Nothing like a season-ending cliffhanger to leave you counting the weeks until the next episode. Hopefully, there will BE a next episode.

    It is very hard to watch the awkwardness and the distance that has become Ginnie and Bob's relationship. I'm glad that Ginnie didn't go through with anything when visiting her co-worker. I really enjoyed seeing the similarites between Ginnie and her mother, Francesca.

    When the kids take care of the parents...always funny. Watching Anne try to deal with an ailing job was very comical. The marijuana smoking scene? Priceless!

    The ending of the episode seemed incredibly rushed. In the span of a few minutes, Marjee broke up with Jason, Anne went to confess her feelings to Danny and Rose and Joel get together. Not to mention the cliffhanger, when Ginnie comes home to find that Bob has gone on the tour.

    I don't think that Bob made the right decision in leaving to go on the tour. I think that he and Ginnie need to take some time together to get to know one another again. He definitely made the wrong decision in leaving Ginnie a note to tell her. He needed to have the courtesy to talk to her in person.

    The ending with Francesca's ghost lying with Joe and Ginnie finding Bob's note did me in. Such an emotional episode.moreless
Julian Ovenden

Julian Ovenden


Guest Star

Dana Delany

Dana Delany

Francesca Sorelli

Guest Star

Frederick Weller

Frederick Weller


Guest Star

Tom Irwin

Tom Irwin

Joe Sorelli

Recurring Role

Kyle Howard

Kyle Howard


Recurring Role

Joanna Canton

Joanna Canton


Recurring Role

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    • (Joel and Rose are kissing, his ex-girlfriend, Chloe, starts knocking on the door)
      Rose: Don't answer that.
      Joel: I wasn't going to.

    • Bob's Letter: Ginnie, I've decided to go. I didn't know what else to do. Maybe the time apart will help, but I don't know. I love you. Bob.

    • Anne: I want you Danny...You're what I want.

    • Marjee: Jason. Me and you...we're never gonna be soulmates.
      Jason: Soulmates? That is a fairytale Marjee. It doesn't exist.
      Marjee: No. See, it does. I grew up with it. My parents had it. And I want that.

    • Joe: I was coming back from the Boys room and your mom. Your mom! Grabbed me. Pulled me into the coat closet.
      Anne: Is that when you made Ginnie?
      Joe: No. It's Catholic school. We kissed.
      Anne: Wow. Racy Dad.

    • Joe: Whoa. Whoa. Wait. It's like I umm I know I'm in pain and I know I'm nauseous, but I can take that pain; I can't take that nausea and I can focus it into a point. And the I can take that point and I can umm make it umm not so much explode, as just let it dissipate. So I am at once aware of, but in control of my feeling. ya know?

    • Marjee: Where did you find this place? Did you like wish for it or something?
      Jason: It belongs to a distant relative...but she's in hospice care. They don't think she's gonna make it.
      Marjee: God, You're so lucky. All the old people in my family are poor.

    • Marjee: After the initial honeymoon whirlwind phase...Does it get... kind of boring?
      Ginnie: Yeah. It get's boring. And then there's tention and there's baggage, baggage, baggage. And then there's distance and anguish and then you start asking yourself, 'Can I even do this anymore?!' So if you just feel bored, you should just feel lucky!
      Marjee: Wow. Ginnie, that's uhh...Wow. Okay. We're gonna come back to that one.

    • Marjee: ... I'm vomitise.
      Ginnie: Vomitise. Vomitise. Is that even a word?
      Anne: I don't think so.
      Marjee: No. It is. I made it up. It's the state of being about to vomet all the time without the sweet, sweet release of actually spewing.

    • Anne: This is not fair. Dad is like the worst patient ever.
      Ginnie: But look, he needs someone to take care of him and I've got Bob stuff, Marjee's got Jason and Rose has to study. What do you have?
      Anne: Wow. I guess I've got Dad. I hate you all.

    • Jason: I can do about 14, 15 hundred.
      Marjee: And you wanna stay in Manhattan?
      Jason: Yeah.Of course.
      Marjee: Uh well how good are you at pitching tents?

    • Joe: Annie, fetch me my Hendricks.

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