Season 1 Episode 5

The Naked Truth

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on The WB
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The Naked Truth
Tension in the Sorelli family arises when Anne finds out that her sisters are still keeping in close contact with her ex-boyfriend Danny. Bob becomes more concerned about Ginnie's prenantal health and the baby. Marjee is having difficulty on the new living arrangements of her boss' boyfriend. Lastly, Rose gets her first asting gig in a play written by and starring her crush, Alex (guest star Chris Carmack).moreless

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  • Rose has to be naked in a play, but her dad shows up!

    This episode was great as are all of the others. I can't get over how well all of the girl work off of eachother. They all have great comedic timing. And of course I loved the fact the Joel brough Rose flowers after her performance. *sigh* best couple on the show (not that they are a couple haha)
  • this show continues to amaize me again.

    the whole bob pregnancy thing is funny. its great that rose is having trouble dealing. dan is really more of a part of the family than i realized. zack is wilson from 7th heaven. zack is great. i like the margee thing. the guy is great. rose was great in the show. renea was really sweet and not that bad. there dad was sweet and so was joel. i love this show and it has not let me down yet. i loved ann calling her dad a slut.moreless
  • Another well written installment of what has quickly become my favorite show.

    This was yet another wonderful installment of what has come to be my favorite show.

    In this episode, we got to see a lot of each one of the sisters, which is always a plus. Not only did we get to see them together a lot, but separately as well, letting us better get to know the sisters and their dynamic.

    I particularly enjoyed watching Rose squirm when trying to uninvite her family to the play she was performing in, Anne's scenes about seeing Danny with other people were comical and heart-warming, Bob's attempts to be "Mr. Maternity Mom" were hilarious, and Marjee's constant state of homelessness ;) is also enjoyable to watch.

    Can't wait until the next episode.moreless
  • Very very originally written/directed.

    I loved how Ann threw that Twisler and smacked Danny in the back of the head and called her dad a slut in front of the entire concert crowd. "My anger absorbed my pee." that was funny but what really made it was not just Bob asking about anger really is able to absorb urine or not, but Ginnie's facial reaction to that absurd question.

    Marjee is incredibly un-moved and not embarrased at all about Rose's nudity..............LMAO!........."When did her breast get bigger than mine!?"moreless
  • Anger absorbs pee?

    What a great episode! Once again, a great plot was introduced and a dilemma with it. It is still outrageously funny at times. I really hope that the producers can keep up the good work that they have been doing so far. This isn't my favorite episode but it was still pretty good.
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  • QUOTES (12)

    • (after the play)
      Rose: Did you guys really like it?
      Anne: Aw, are you kidding me? You were so good.
      Ginnie: It seemed like you were on stage a million times. You were amazing.
      Marjee: When did your boobs get bigger than mine?
      Rose: Marjee!

    • (right before the "naked" play)
      Alex: You ready to go?
      Rose: stage or out the building?

    • Alex: The nudity in this piece is symbolic, not literal.
      Rose: So, we're not gonna take our clothes off?
      Alex: Oh, of course we are. That's just not what the scene's about.
      Rose: That's what the scene's going to be about to my family who is going to be in the audience looking at!

    • Ginnie: Oh, Bob, please don't read any more books. If you gain any more expertise I'm gonna need an epidural to endure you.

    • (sniffing Ginnie's breath)
      Bob: Did you have a hot dog?
      Ginnie: You're like a bomb-sniffing dog!

    • Anne: I bet he is on a date. Probably with Megan.
      Ginnie: Who's Megan?
      Anne: Oh, Little Miss Hot Hostess from the restaurant. You know, the slut that seats people?

    • Ann: Hey, Dad…About last night…sorry I called you a slut.
      Joe Sorelli: Hey, I grew up around fiery Italian women. "Slut" is a good day for me.

    • Rose: Oh, and how does the internet work, Mr. Smart Guy?
      Joel: Well, you carefully type in your search parameters and then you get...Asian porn.

    • Marjee: Satan. Satan does that. She's evil man, I swear she's psychotic.
      Jason: I realize you're really on a roll here, but you realize that Satan is a guy.
      Marjee: No, Satan can take any form and the form he's chosen to take with me is an evil, pinch-faced, eternally premenstrual bitch!

    • Marjee: Am I sorta falling out of my shirt right (points to picture in magazine) there?
      Jason: Well, yeah...but in a nice way.
      Marjee: In a nice way. Thank you, I thought that, too.

    • Marjee: British singer Seal samples the Raw bar with unidentified reveler. That's me. Unidentified reveler. Hey, you know who's hand that is on my ass trying to push me out of the way?
      Cathy: Who's?
      Marjee: Heidi Klum.

    • Rose:There's some nudity in it.
      Marjee:Oh my god! X rated theater we're going!
      Rose:And the nudity involves me!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Ann to her father: Hey, it was James Taylor. How could you not go? But if he (Danny) invites you to Carlie Simon. Please say no.

      This conversation occurs after Ann sees her father at a James Taylor concert with Danny, her former lover. It alludes to the fact that James Taylor and Carlie Simon were once married.