Relic Hunter

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Relic Hunter

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Relic Hunter starred Tia Carrere as Sydney Fox, Christien Anholt as Nigel Bailey, Tanja Reichert as Karen Petrusky (3rd season) and Lindy Booth as Claudia (1st and 2nd seasons). It was an action-adventure television series filmed on location in Canada, Spain and the UK, produced by Fireworks Entertainment Inc. and Farrier Ltd., and distributed by Paramount Domestic Television.

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    Relic Hunter from YouTube to watch: 2yL6FfnvAknl1wh3b3zwhC9nIFf
  • Tia Carrere rocks!

    This is the only show that I really got addicted that made me stayed home instead of spending some night outs with my friends! Haha! If we're talking about a good quality show that is produced decently and outstanding, certainly "Relic Hunter" is the number one on my list! Fun and action in one great show! For me, Tia Carrere rocks the show and she garnered a lot of attention when she portrayed the role of Sydney Fox!! A very attractive and smart university professor and I won't spoil anymore for those who haven't seen this series yet. Well, I purchased a DVD collection of this show at dvdbooth .com which produced a decent copy with all the complete episodes from 1999-2002! Great quality DVDs and I'm very thankful for this company that let's me relive all the wonderful action-packed moments of this show. I wanna give credits to Nigel and Claudia for adding up spice to each episodes which are all nicely done!moreless
  • relic hunter

    i so wish we could have a film leading to a new series it would be great if we could get all the cast back as well
  • Fantastic!

    Relic Hunter is about a sexy University History Professor, Sydney Fox, and her charming teaching assistant, Nigel Bailey as they hunt for ancient artifacts all around the world. Sydney Fox is a brilliant Hawaiian who loved to travel with her father while he was on business. Her love for travelling, combined with her love for the past introduced her to relic hunts all over the world. The places she travelled to range from Boston to China and everywhere in between. In the pilot, she is joined by Nigel who has absolutely no idea what's going on when she drags him to Nepal to find Buddha's Bowl. He learns quickly enough and by the time we get to the third season, he is experienced and more knowledgeable, and is able to get them out of and into many situations as skillfully as Sydney. Sydney quickly comes to trust him and the two become best friends, knowing that they would do anything for each other. This show is full of action, adventure, romance, heroism, and fun. All-in-all, it is a great show.moreless
  • Not a big deal.

    I thought that this was a boring show. It was kind of a rip off of Tomb Raider. But anyways, the show was slo and very much unoriginal. The acting was okay, but the storylines were bland and the concept of the show was often tiring. The one thing I actually liked was the action, which often was not even shown most of the time. That was the only entertaining part I liked. Overall, this was a below average show in which I had no interest in because of the way it was produced. I felt like I could miss it and not feel bad. Thank you.moreless

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