Relic Hunter

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Feb 11, 2002 on

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  • Sydney and Nigel try to track down the killers of a mentor of Sydney's.

    A group of women - headed by Natasha - kill Sydney's mentor for a relic connected to Goddess worship. Sydney and Nigel are shocked to learn of the mentor's death and search his belongings for clues to the killers. They go to a bar - where the owner warns them that a group of fierce women are trying to get somebody to translate the relic to get to the Belt of Hippolyte. Nigel impersonates the translator but is taken by Natasha to the site where the Belt is supposed to be. Using her mentor's map, Sydney follows. Nigel is forced to reveal where the Belt is and Natasha takes it. Sydney intervenes but is thrown off by Natasha. They track down Natasha's group to an old warship and retrieve the Belt. The final scene has Sydney and Natasha fighting - with Sydney winning.

    This is an entertaining episode with an exciting opening scene. Women dominate most of the storylines. Natasha - played by Joanie Laurer - is physically right to fight Sydney - but we never really learn what she wants to do with the Belt. There is a funny scene where Nigel tries to trick Natasha into stepping on a trap-stone but she avoids it.