Relic Hunter

Season 3 Episode 18

Faux Fox

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Apr 22, 2002 on

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  • Sydney and Nigel try to track down the lost Spainish crown jewels and clear their names of a murder.

    Nigel is making out with Lorraine while a thief steals some important equipment from the office. Sydney interrupts the thief and is knocked down. Lorraine leaves hurriedly after this and Nigel is concerned she hasn't rung him. However, Lorraine is too busy impersonating Sydney in Spain (and her accomplice Raoul is impersonating Nigel) - where they use the stolen equipment to find a clue in a letter provided by a professor. Lorraine then leaves the room but Raoul kills the man. Sydney and Nigel arrive later, find the dead body and are suspected of murder. Much of the episode has Sydney and Nigel running around, trying to avoid being apprehended by the authorities. In the meantime, an increasing paranoid Raoul tries to speed the pace in finding the jewels - but with Lorraine, they go to the wrong building. Sydney and Nigel finally catch up to them but Raoul has a gun. He ties both women to a bench and uses Nigel to find the jewels in another building. Nigel leads Raoul to the jewels but Lorraine and Sydney have broken free, get to the building and knock out Raoul. This story is spoilt by the erratic performance by James Callis - who played Raoul. His character obviously wants to find the jewels very quickly but his actions don't make much sense. Karina Huber is more successful playing Lorraine - even though she is a villain, she is still able to show a sympathetic side to her character. There is also a lot more slapstick in this episode which becomes a little annoying.