Relic Hunter

Season 2 Episode 3

Last of the Mochicas

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Oct 07, 2000 on
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Last of the Mochicas

After recovering a vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochicas and hopping a flight to Lima, Sydney and Nigel assume their adventure is complete. Their plane goes down and motley crew of passengers is beset by headhunters, rebels and internal strife. Forget getting the last of the Mochicas safely to the Lima Museum, Sydney and Nigel will be lucky to get themselves out of the jungle alive.moreless

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  • Sydney and Nigel fight to stay alive in the Peruvian jungle after recovering a relic.

    Sydney and Nigel find an ancient relic belonging to the Mochicas and flee some rival relic hunters on their way to their return flight. On this flight are other people - all with something to hide. The plane crashes as it is attacked by rebels and the survivors need to find their way to the nearest town. Sydney and Nigel are concerned that nobody is trustworthy - Jason the pilot, Cate the missionary, Tobar the surly one, Hans the writer. They reach an abandoned mine where Sydney and Jason go back to the plane to scavenge for parts to start an old truck. However, tribal headhunters are moving towards the mine and Tobar runs off with Cate's gun. Sydney and Jason - on their way back - find everyone missing at the mine and find Tobar dead - killed by the tribal people. Nigel, Cate and Hans have been captured by the rebels and they plan to kill them. Sydney and Jason stop them with grenades and they escape - but Hans has been killed in the process. They rush back to the mines where Nigel collects the ancient relic - but Jason proves to be another relic hunter - and he wants the relic. He is killed by the tribal headhunters and then the rebel soldiers arrive. Sydney and Nigel then release the ancient spirit from the relic - and it kills the rebel soldiers and helps the headhunters. Sydney, Nigel and Cate then flee. This episode is absolutely incredible. So well plotted - with many twists along the way - and the story moves so quickly. All the main characters are very well acted. Nancy Anne Sakovich - who played Cate - is great as the missionary/Interpol agent. She could be another Sydney Fox. And she also has great chemistry with Nigel. Christopher Shyer - who played Jason - is convincing as the pilot/peace corp/rival relic hunter. The roles of Hans (the writer) and Tobar (the arms dealer) are also played very well. The scenery also adds the jungle storyline. Definitely one of the better episode!!!moreless
  • Good episode.

    In this one Sydney and Nigel fight to stay alive when they get hold of a relic. But as soon as they get the relic they run into troble and the fihgt for their lives begins. They quickly board a plane but when it crashes they realise that people are still adter the relic. So in an attemp to save their lives they release the spirit inside the relic and saves them from certain death. Overall i thought this was a good episode, better than the last episode anyway. I look forward to the next episode so far so good.moreless
Nancy Anne Sakovich

Nancy Anne Sakovich

Cate Hemphill/Cate Smith

Guest Star

Colin Fox

Colin Fox

Hans Lubeck

Guest Star

Christopher Shyer

Christopher Shyer

Jason Clark

Guest Star

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Wow. Syd can not only discern footprints in gravel she can accurately assess that they are 'military'. Do the armed forces (and rebels) have special rugged kick-ass footwear the rest of us are denied? I appreciate that she could have guessed that the prints were left by rebels rather then the Mochica, but that isn't what she says... (editor's note: actually, military boots are pretty distinctive, and if they were moving in a military pattern or something she might have been able to make that determination, so it doesn't seem that odd)

    • I'm no doctor, but doesn't 'the old guy' (as Syd affectionately calls him) hurt his left arm in the crash, the same arm which Syd grabs to help him out of the plane - wouldn't that have hurt him?

    • Tiny, I know. But as SF and NB are chased from the dig sight one of the baddies knocks the stone top to the underground room thing which suddenly looks very un-stone like...

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    • Recurring guest star Nancy Sakovich and guest star Colin Fox are starring in "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal." Both Relic Hunter and Psi Factor are produced by CanWest Entertainment Inc.


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