Relic Hunter

Season 1 Episode 14

Nine Lives

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Feb 26, 2000 on
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Nine Lives
Event: EGYPT 1895

Elizabeth Ruckeyser, the curator of New York's Crawford Institute, summons Sydney and Nigel to track down a ancient Egyptian relic, the sacred statue of the cat goddess Mafdet that Sydney found and returned once before. An age-old curse on the golden figurine claims that anyone who steals it will die by the claws of the cat. The hunt delves into Manhattan's ring of art thieves, turning up dead bodies covered with marks. Is Mafdet seeking revenge, or is someone fulfilling the prophesy?moreless

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  • Sydney and Nigel try to recover a stolen figurine for New York curator.

    Elizabeth - a New York curator - asks Sydney and Nigel to track down a cursed Egyptian figurine that she has lost. Sydney and Nigel ask for help from an art dealer (Carlo) - but he is after the figurine himself. Various people, who have been in touch with the figurine, are killed mysteriously and eventually Sydney and Nigel are captured by Elizabeth - an incarnation of a servant of Pharaoh. Sydney has to steal the figurine from the current owner to save Nigel from being sacrificed by Elizabeth. In the meantime, Carlo, who is trying to attach himself to Nigel, is also caught and becomes another potential sacrifice victim. Sydney finally gives the gold figurine to Elizabeth - and Nigel and Carlo are let go. However, after a fight, Sydney also rescues the ancient figurine from being destroyed by Elizabeth - but the servant of Pharaoh just vanishes...The last scene with Sydney waking up with a cat - thinking about Elizabeth's presence - is a good one.

    Elizabeth - played by Rena Mero - is a good match for Sydney in the fight scenes while Simon Lagerfeld - who played Carlo - had some amusing scenes as the art dealer.moreless
Rena Mero

Rena Mero

Elizabeth Rukeyser

Guest Star

Carlo Rota

Carlo Rota

Simon Lagerfeld

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Michael Gabriel

Michael Gabriel

Archie Brogan

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    • Nigel: A comet! A comet is magnificent, huge masses of ice and rock which when they get too close to the sun begin to evaporate, forming trails of dust and gas millions of miles long that may be seen all the way from the earth!
      Claudia: OK! Let's get security up here quick, before Luke Skywalker goes over the edge!

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    • Rena Mero was the WWF wrestler known as Sable. She left the WWF, in part because they wanted her to expose her breasts and she refused. She started making the rounds of syndicated TV after that, and there were claims that she was to become a recurring villain on Relic Hunter (thus the vague ending of this episode). Allegedly she didn't get along well with the cast and crew, particularly Tia Carrere, and as of the end of the third season her character has never been brought back.