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  • Tia Carrere rocks!

    This is the only show that I really got addicted that made me stayed home instead of spending some night outs with my friends! Haha! If we're talking about a good quality show that is produced decently and outstanding, certainly "Relic Hunter" is the number one on my list! Fun and action in one great show! For me, Tia Carrere rocks the show and she garnered a lot of attention when she portrayed the role of Sydney Fox!! A very attractive and smart university professor and I won't spoil anymore for those who haven't seen this series yet. Well, I purchased a DVD collection of this show at dvdbooth .com which produced a decent copy with all the complete episodes from 1999-2002! Great quality DVDs and I'm very thankful for this company that let's me relive all the wonderful action-packed moments of this show. I wanna give credits to Nigel and Claudia for adding up spice to each episodes which are all nicely done!
  • relic hunter

    i so wish we could have a film leading to a new series it would be great if we could get all the cast back as well
  • Fantastic!

    Relic Hunter is about a sexy University History Professor, Sydney Fox, and her charming teaching assistant, Nigel Bailey as they hunt for ancient artifacts all around the world. Sydney Fox is a brilliant Hawaiian who loved to travel with her father while he was on business. Her love for travelling, combined with her love for the past introduced her to relic hunts all over the world. The places she travelled to range from Boston to China and everywhere in between. In the pilot, she is joined by Nigel who has absolutely no idea what's going on when she drags him to Nepal to find Buddha's Bowl. He learns quickly enough and by the time we get to the third season, he is experienced and more knowledgeable, and is able to get them out of and into many situations as skillfully as Sydney. Sydney quickly comes to trust him and the two become best friends, knowing that they would do anything for each other. This show is full of action, adventure, romance, heroism, and fun. All-in-all, it is a great show.
  • Not a big deal.

    I thought that this was a boring show. It was kind of a rip off of Tomb Raider. But anyways, the show was slo and very much unoriginal. The acting was okay, but the storylines were bland and the concept of the show was often tiring. The one thing I actually liked was the action, which often was not even shown most of the time. That was the only entertaining part I liked. Overall, this was a below average show in which I had no interest in because of the way it was produced. I felt like I could miss it and not feel bad. Thank you.
  • about a professer sydney fox and her assitamnd nijel travling the world looking for relics and doging danger at every turn

    about a professer sydney fox and her assitamnd nijel travling the world looking for relics and doging danger at every turn.

    I love every ep of every season. i just recetly bought season 2. i love it, it is my daily fix even tho it was canceled a few years ago. i would love if they made another seaon or just a movie length ep. i still love watching relic hunter even tho i have watched every ep lots of times and dont get sick of it :)

    tia carrea doses a 10 out of 10 performance and i just love her chacter sydney and nijel and there assitant and i just all of them. they have thier jokes they laugh. some people sa some scences you can tell are fake.... but i think they did very good quality work and espically for the budjet they had. 10 out of 10 i wills say again i miss relic hunter showing and hpefully the excutives will allow another seaon and i want to start a petion for anothe seaon or at least a reunion ep anyone wanting to start or sign it please email asap i live in australia so it might be easy if a american or someone in canada( relic hunter was shot mainly in canda) would start it thanks alot
    and anyone who has not watched relic hunter watch it!
  • One of the best!

    I needed to watch several episodes of this show to decide its qualities and I'm glad I waited as my initial response was not a favourable one.It takes a while to buy Tia Carrere as adventuress extraordinaire Sidney Fox but it did not take long for this beautiful and talented actress to make the role her own and she has superb chemistry with her excellent foil Christien Anholt who brings much of a Hugh Grant type persona to his part as the hapless Nigel.Their globe-trotting adventures are the stuff of 30's serials and are highly derivative but handled in a never over-played tongue in cheek fashion which makes the series ever more enjoyable as it progresses.The person,however,who pointed out that the episodes all climax in the same fashion has hit the nail on the head as our heroes are always held at gunpoint in a cave or suchlike every week and always escape in the same fashion.This is something that needs to be addressed if the show is to achieve syndication worthy longevity.All in all though RELIC HUNTER is a welcome addition to the TV action adventure genre.
  • Not as bad as its somewhat cheesy delivery would have you believe.

    RH ran for three seasons, and though flawed, was quite attractive with a charismatic leading lady. I did enjoy this series, although it was quite simplistic and easily suitable for a preteen market; wherein did lie one of its obvious problems. RH's plots were fairly simplistic, and occasionally improbable. The wide ranging arc of knowledge required for all Sydney's trips seemed a little too pat. Syd was practically an expert in everything, and if she didn't automatically have the answer on the tip of her tongue, then her sidekick Nigel ably stepped into the breach. I found the neatly parceled endings to every story a little irritating. Archaeology is not an absolute science. It is a voyage of discovery, and I felt that was played down rather too much.

    My other criticism would be the formula. Nasty villain, comedy crook, pitted against Sydney and Nigel, with the occasional good guy thrown in.

    The good side, this is a good starter show for those who are curious about the world around them. As Raiders of the Lost Ark inspired my love of archaeology over quarter of a century ago, this series raised an indulgent smile. I was on familiar territory.
  • I've only seen a handful of episodes but they were all great.

    Considering that Relic Hunter never really had a large budget i think the show did realy well to make such great episodes. Thw writting and stories the show writers come up with each week is amazing. I hear that the show ended inconclusivly which is a shame. I think that the show was a very stand alone series. Just three regular charactors of the three years. Each episode always focused on another relic. Sydney the relic hunter and Nigel were the hunters, they were close but we never got to see whether they would end up together. Maybe theres hope for this show in the future because there are lots of Relic Hunter fans out there.
  • Fantastic, Heroesque, Superb

    A fantastic break from the real world. This show was like, Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft. It was superbly written. The show was packed with action. Believable and fun storylines abounded each week. Tia Carrere did a fantastic job as an Indiana Jones type. The show was educational, and the cast was incredible. Nigel was terrific as the quirky sidekick. I loved the relics that they found and the bad guys they would have to fight. The fight scenes were believable, where usually in a weekly they're a little campy. The whole show was interesting and fun, I wish they could bring it back!!!
  • Relic Hunter review

    Tv show Relic Hunter should have lots of fans.
    This show was quite unique... People who like archeology or history... or both of them definitely have to love this show... I am from group of people who like these things. And this show was one of my favourites.
    Personages of Relic Hunter was chosen very good. Brave and strengh Sydney Fox... and simple guy who just knows a lot of history and archeology - Nigel Baley.
    Sydney's secretory Claudia was also funny person...
    I liked almost all of Relic Hunter episodes... ones of them more...
    I know that this review was quite incoherent... But I hope you understood what I wanted to say...
  • Entertaining & educational. Sex appeal of cast draws you in, crazy adventures keeps you tuned in.

    Sidney Fox, a teacher & part-time relic hunter, who pursues rare & in some cases, believed to be imaginary by most, ancient relics.
    She is armed with nothing more than a mini crossbow, her knife, her good looks & her wits.
    Her assistant on the adnvetures is Englisman Nigel Bailey, who is always causing problem with his less skilled approach to the dangerous situations they are often heading into.
    During the tenure of the show there were only two other cast members of note, Sidneys secretaries Claudia (Lindy Booth) & later on, Karen (Tanja Reichert), who are often themselves drawn into the mysteries as they are targeted & even once kidnapped to deter Sidney from pursuing artifacts. They are also often asked to find important details & info while Sidney & Nigel are out on a search.

    It often revolves around myths & ancient tribal, religious & historical locations, artifacts & events.

    Its a little cheesy, but is also exciting with a little action in almost every episode. Sidney & Nigel are often fighting more ruthless & coldhearted relic hunters who are in the industry for profit while Sid does it all to help restore these rare items to museums for free.

    Its also a good way to teach & learn a bit about past historical events & civilizations. In my opinion, its a show that had potential & lived up to it for the mostpart.
  • not so bad, but not so good either.

    relic hunter is like indiana jones meets tomb raider. this show is somewhat entertaining, but it's that tv curse that makes this look like a b movie flick. the producers didn't quite get it right. it has a brilliant premise and an exciting indiana jones like adventure theme, but that didn't save the show's odd look. maybe it's got something to do with the show's execution. it wasn't presented in a way that makes other adventure theme shows successful. this show was just odd looking. it didn't work out for me. something was missing here, it just wasn't a very good show.
  • A TV version of a great video game series and lots more...

    Okay so the game and the series are not really related, but common on. Beautiful women who run around looking for treasure and adventure. They might not be technically related but every red blooded american male knows that they are related. This show was more than just the beautiful women. It did have a plot and good effects and just enough edge to keep you wanting more. It could even produce that edge of your seat suspense that is lacking in a lot of shows these days. Tia was great and her interaction with the rest of that cast was wonderful.
  • A Female Indiana Jones ?

    The plot revolves around a modern day female version of Indiana Jones (or is it Tomb Raider Laura Croft?) who goes around the world using mysterious clues to track down relics of the past which hold deadly powers. On the way, preditably, she meets the bad guys who are after the same relics and want to use them for "evil" purposes.

    In most cases she is just one step ahead of her enemies because she is the heroine of the show. She does manage to get captured sometimes but is always able to use her wits (and beauty) to escape at the nick of time. It would have been a fine TV show, however, Tia Carrera (the relic hunter) seemed to be the only one who brought some charm to the show. The other actors seemed to be there as little more than props on a stage. A real pity !
  • Strong chemistry. No need for romance between the leads

    I really enjoyed this show. I thought Tia Carrere and Christien Anholt did a fantastic job with the material they were given, but sadly sometimes the material didn't measure up.

    My one big gripe about this show was that by third season they had to dumb down Nigel in order to prevent his character from developing and surpassing or being equal with Sydney. That's a real shame, because they worked best when they were on an even keel. Whenever they dumbed him down, they made him too ridiculous.

    I was sorry that the show was cancelled. I had hoped for more character development. Unlike most fans, I wasn't interested in them having a relationship. I would have jumped-the-shark and that would have been the end. It's best that their colleagues, and good friends.
  • Have you ever noticed how all the caves look the same?


    It’s not original and it’s definitely not a trendsetter but there is something disarming about it and I like watching it even though it is completely unrealistic and somewhat silly.

    It was strange to see “Sam” from The Bold and the Beautiful doing something else and to be honest I sometimes yell out “Sam” be careful. Informative is not something I would describe it as since 9 times out of 10 it perpetuates a lot of silly myths and legends – however it can be entertaining to learn about these things.

    There is not much else to say about this series and to be honest I only watch it if nothing else of importance is on.
  • You might say it sucks but it doesn't. It could be worse

    Each story follows an almost paint by numbers formula. The opening, before credits sequence shows the background to the artefact, in its own time, and how it became lost. Much like the opening to the first Lord of the Rings film showing how the ring was lost.
    After the credits there is generally a humorous scene-setting interlude as we see the three main characters (Sydney, Nigel and Claudia) in their offices before we find out how Sydney gets involved in finding the missing item.
    Nigel and Sydney then rush off to another country (normally!) to find action, adventure and danger. There is invariably someone else after the same item so capture, escape and a fight of some kind is possible.

    Now reading that you would probably say that it doesn’t sound great, and you would be kind of right, it doesn’t! Somehow though the series actually works, it is enormous fun and this is down mainly to the writing, the excellent characterisation and acting.
    The basic premise of the series gives the writers a multitude of potential story ideas, much more than most TV programmes have. With a host of world history to pick and choose from the writers can pull myths and legends from any culture, from any time period of any country, thus enabling them to have radically different looks to every adventure, jungles one week, city the next for example.
  • The show itself is good, but will always be compared to Indiana Jones ... and come in second.

    Even though it probably wasn't the most imaginative show around, I rather liked watching Relic Hunter. As far as TV-series go, it was good, giving the audience what could be expected: solid storylines, TV-standard special effects and good (but not overly brilliant) actors.

    One of the main problems of the show - as can easily be proven by taking a look at the other reviews out there at the moment - is that it will always be compared to Indiana Jones. There are some problems with this, though:
    First of all, Indiana Jones is a movie-trilogy, that means better special effects and better storylines.
    Second, there are only three movies out there (the Young Indiana Jones TV-series wasn't even half as good, which just goes to prove my point, actually), doing three good stories about someone like Indy is definitely a lot easier than doing it every week.
    Finally, there are - from my point of view - only very few actors who could even come close to Harrison Ford when it comes to action-packed movies like Indiana Jones.

    If you manage to seperate Relic Hunter from Indiana Jones for a few moments and only look at the series itself, you will find that it's good TV-entertainment and deserves to be treated that way. And - as a woman - I personally approve of a story with a strong female hero.
  • This is a cross between Indiana Jones and the Tombraider video game. Infact, this is almost identical to Indiana Jones, except for the fact that Indiana Jones is a legend and this is only a solid, entertaining show of decent nature.

    This is a cross between Indiana Jones and the Tombraider video game. Infact, this is almost identical to Indiana Jones, except for the fact that Indiana Jones is a legend and this is only a solid, entertaining show of decent nature. Tia Carrere is a decent actress and is semi-believable as an archeologist/treasure hunter (or relic hunter as the name would imply). The action is entertaining but not phenominal, as are the special effects. The storylines are solid as well, but not suspensefull or thrilling in a way to make your jaw drop in awe. All in all this is a decent show, but it will always recieve the comparison to Indiana Jones. As a result, it will never seem to be a phenominal show, unless somehow it is able to match that pre-set mark of greatness.

    My final review: A solid, entertaining show, but so similar to Indiana Jones that it is almost automatically compared to it, resulting in a matchup that will always leave "Relic Hunter" looking outclassed.
  • Tia Carrere is my idol

    This show is totally cheesy! Its got nothing but predictable plot lines and horrible special effects. But you got to love Tia Carrere as an Indiana Jones. She's the best and I wish her nothing but success. This is the show to watch when you have nothing to do on a weekend afternoon. Of course if you find yourself watching this show every weekend, maybe you need to find yourself a hobby! Watch this show if you are deathly ill and can not get off the couch or severly hung over!
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