Relic Hunter

(ended 2002)





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  • Fantastic!

    Relic Hunter is about a sexy University History Professor, Sydney Fox, and her charming teaching assistant, Nigel Bailey as they hunt for ancient artifacts all around the world. Sydney Fox is a brilliant Hawaiian who loved to travel with her father while he was on business. Her love for travelling, combined with her love for the past introduced her to relic hunts all over the world. The places she travelled to range from Boston to China and everywhere in between. In the pilot, she is joined by Nigel who has absolutely no idea what's going on when she drags him to Nepal to find Buddha's Bowl. He learns quickly enough and by the time we get to the third season, he is experienced and more knowledgeable, and is able to get them out of and into many situations as skillfully as Sydney. Sydney quickly comes to trust him and the two become best friends, knowing that they would do anything for each other. This show is full of action, adventure, romance, heroism, and fun. All-in-all, it is a great show.