Relic Hunter

Season 2 Episode 21

Set in Stone

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM May 14, 2001 on

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  • Nigel takes Sydney with him to Hungary to prove his father\'s fairytale of St. Gabriel and his sword are true.

    Nigel and Sydney arrive at a monastery in Hungary to talk to a monk (Oswin) who may know the whereabouts of St. Gabriel's glove & sword. However, they are turned away by the order's leader (Theodoric). Oswin tracks them down but is unable to talk and they go to the village shop where they arrive in time to stop the owner (Vasay) from being beaten by monks. Vasay mentions the monks are fanatical about keeping the sword for themselves but he will help them find St. Gabriel's glove. They search some ancient ruins and find the glove. Vasay turns on them with a gun - but is killed by an ancient trap. Sydney and Nigel return to the monastery and are able to free Oswin - who has been tortured by the monks for discussing the sword with outsiders. Oswin leads them to an underground cavern - where the sword is enclosed in stone. Nigel is thrilled to prove his father's story and gives the glove to Oswin to pull out the sword. Oswin does this, releasing a demon-like figure - as he had planned all along with Vasay. The demon then kills Oswin! Theodoric and the monks are shocked and tell Sydney that the demon can only be killed with the glove/sword. She has a long fight with the demon and finally prevails! Sydney and Nigel are told by Theodoric that the monks protect the sword from greedy people and also tells them to hide the glove.

    This story is well written. For most of the episode, the monks look suspicious and cruel - but their explanations help make their actions appear acceptable. In addition, Joe Sheridan - who plays Oswin - gives the appearance of innocence until the end. Sydney's fight scene with the demon is also a highlight. The only quibble is the appearance of the demon - in studded leather - looks more like a KISS band member than a demon.