Relic Hunter

Season 3 Episode 22

So Shall it Be

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM May 20, 2002 on

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  • Sydney and Nigel are involved in finding a relic connected to Stonehenge and the Druids - their last adventure.

    The story starts awkwardly with Sydney being haunted by dreams of arch-villain De Viega. Soon, Sydney and Nigel are involved in stealing a Stonehenge sword with the help of De Viega's son (Andres). It seems that De Viega is still alive - maybe a little deformed - and estranged from the Gar'al Na'tash. In addition, the Gar'al Na'tash group are angry about the theft and want the relic tracked down and the 'thieves' killed. De Viega tries to protect his son from these threats and helps Sydney and Nigel escape with the sword/scabbard - but Andres is caught. Sydney and Nigel then gather some clues from the relics while De Viega tries to bargain for his son's life by returning the sword/scabbard to the Gar'al Na'tash. In the meantime, Sydney and Nigel find the location for further Stonehenge relics but they have to fight off the henchmen from Gar'al Na'tash. Andres is freed but his father is threatened with death...however, a final scene shows he may still be alive.

    This episode - especially as its the last of the series is disappointing. The story starts a little shakily and finishes abruptly. The relationship between Andres and De Viega is not interesting - and De Viega's sudden change of character is not believable. The 'deformity' of De Viega is also another annoying feature of the story. The final Stonehenge relics found by Sydney and Nigel also seem poor (compared to what has been retrieved in the past) and there is a lack of good fight scenes - that are usually associated with the series. A sad farewell to this series.