Relic Hunter

Season 1 Episode 12

The Emperor's Bride

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Feb 12, 2000 on

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  • Sydney and Nigel head to Alaska to find an ancient Chinese sarcophagus.

    The episode starts well - with an exciting scene showing a Chinese Emperor fighting against thieves - and losing his sarcophagus. A girl and her grandfather show Sydney a fragment - which may be connected to the lost sarcophagus. Nigel and Sydney then head off to Alaska where they find other relic hunters (men with a past with Sydney) also interested in the relic for different reasons. Sydney and Nigel continue on to find the bush guy who found the fragment - but they instead find the 2 relic hunters (Dallas and Kurt) tied up and they also fall victim to a trap. The bush guy doesn't help them - he wants the relic for himself. The 4 relic hunters sporadically help each other but eventually Sydney and Nigel run off on the trail - and find another local dead. They get to a cave and find the sarcophagus - but the bush guy interrupts them - and dies from an arrow. Dallas and Kurt also get there and stop Sydney and Nigel - but then another local (Katie) turns up wanting the relic. She forces Sydney to open up the sarcophagus and runs off with a necklace. Sydney runs after her and after a fight, gets the necklace back. Holding a gun, she also stops Dallas and Kurt from doing anything else...

    This episode is very exciting with a multitude of people after the relic for different reasons. The scenery also adds to the story. The scenes with Nigel thinking that Sydney is after him are amusing - as are the problems caused by Dallas and Kurt as they remind Sydney of past times. Katie (played by Catherine Hernandez) has a good early scene with Nigel and her fight scene with Sydney is well done. Thomas Kretschmann - who plays Kurt - also appeared in an earlier episode - but he is more effective in this story.
  • A missing Chinese princess who needs to be laid to rest.

    This is an excellent example of a Relic Hunter episode.

    It sees Nigel and Sydney looking for a jade coffin of which a piece has been published in a remote newspaper. The jade coffin was meant to hold a Chinese princess who wasn't able to be buried next to her beloved emperor because thieves stole her coffin to get a priceless necklace.

    This episode also saw Nigel getting hit on and he trying to see whether Sydney is interested in him after Claudia says their star signs are compatiable.

    A few ex-lovers of Sydney also turn up wanting to find the necklace, but only one will be able to keep it in the end.
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