Relic Hunter

Season 1 Episode 18

The Last Knight

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Apr 29, 2000 on
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The Last Knight

Sydney and Nigel are off to Paris to authenticate both the find and the legend behind, after monks deliver a Knights Templar medallion to Dr. Jaebert, curator at the French Institute of Antiquities. In 1307, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, trusted the future of the Templars to his aide by commanding him to hide sacred documents and the Grand Master's sword, believed to make the Grand Master invincible, from their enemies. Sydney and Nigel and an unlikely expert rush to puzzle the ancient clues together, before a greedy Relic Hunter can beat them.moreless

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  • Sydney and Nigel are on the hunt for the Knights Templar sword.

    After an exciting start where the Templar Grand Master passes his 'invincible' sword to another for safe keeping, Sydney and Nigel go to Paris and catch up with a Professor who has a link to this sword. They take his medallion and go to Michel - the current expert on the Knights Templar - but he appears not interested. However, this young guy - into comics and guitar - hides a secret room with Templar memorabilia. Sydney and Nigel find the room but somebody else is after the sword and attacks Michel and Sydney - but Sydney is able to fight the attacker away. Both Nigel and Sydney convince Michel they are here to help but in the meantime, important Templar memorabilia is stolen. Sydney tracks down the thief - another relic hunter - and retrieves the stolen Templar stones. They take these stones to a ruined building and work out the location of the sword. Underground, they find the sword but another guy (corrupt Professor's assistant) attacks them. But Michel is able to take the sword from its holding place and stop the attack. In the end, Sydney and Nigel think that Michel should keep the sword.

    This episode is fantastic. Wonderful Parisian buildings, the misty Seine River, glorious ruined buildings - all add tremendously to the story. Michel - played by Hugh Dancy - is great as the young man - inheritor of the Templar sword. All the fight scenes are well done and the whole story is very nicely plotted. There is also an amusing side-story with Claudia 'threatening' Nigel over some trifling incident - and even this finishes well with Nigel turning the tables on Claudia. A great example of Relic Hunter.moreless
  • Set in France with guest star Hugh Dancy - what more do you need?

    This is an example of a great episode in this series.

    Sydney and Nigel travel to France following the legend of a sword, which when used, made the person inviciable.

    They go to Michel Previn for help. A guy in his twenties who collects comics and plays the guitar while living in a barge. But he has a hidden room full of his years of research into the knights.

    However they are not the only ones after the sword and must move quickly if they are to get there first.

    Outstanding performances by the main cast, but Hugh Dancy steals the episode as a very convincing Frenchman with a lot of charm. One of my favourite episodes!moreless
Nicholas Rowe

Nicholas Rowe

Peter Graham

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Hugh Dancy

Hugh Dancy

Michel Previn

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Victoria Scarborough

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