Relic Hunter

Season 3 Episode 7

Vampire's Kiss

Aired Saturday 1:00 AM Oct 29, 2001 on

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  • Sydney helps a writer to track down an ancient chalice - connected to a vampire legend.

    Lucas - a writer about vampires - encourages Sydney to help him find a chalice connected to an old vampire legend. They go to Prague and follow some clues to a ruined castle - that in turn leads them to more clues. All the while, Lucas acts like a vampire - with pale skin and avoiding the sun. Sydney is intrigued by him and a little suspicious. In the meantime, Nigel and Karen are also suspicious of the writer and break into his room - and find vampire-related articles like a coffin. They are also attacked by a crazy man (Kantor) bent on destroying all those who help vampires. They tell Sydney - who confronts Lucas. He sheepishly says he likes to be in-character when writing a vampire book. They find a fountain in a town - and under it - they enter a cavern and find the chalice. Kantor threatens them again but Sydney (and Lucas!) knock him out. Lucas then finishes his book while Sydney recovers from her brief infatuation with him.

    Again, this story about vampires could have been great. Sydney's sudden attraction to Lucas is explained by Lucas' ability to attract female attention. But after building up Lucas as a possible vampire, the story dissolves. If he isn't a vampire, various incidents that have occurred have no explanation. And Kantor's manic behaviour is not explained either by his brief ravings. While Adrian Paul plays the part of Lucas well - his character is impacted by the sudden change in direction during the story.