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Season 3 Episode 8

Nothing Up My Sleeve

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 1997 on AMC



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    • : Hilary's romance is really not our affair.
      Maple: Hilary's affair is not really a romance.
      Betty: But even if you're right, are we right? Do any of us have the right to meddle in her personal life?
      Scott: Sure, why not?
      Mackie: I gotta admit, he's got a good point.
      Scott: Listen, I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but right now Hilary is vulnerable. Emotionally she's like a sitting duck in Peking, (eyes get a faraway look as he gets involved with his metaphor) ready to be broiled to a golden crisp, served with scallions and plum sauce, all rolled up in a Chinese pancake.
      Mackie: Look, why don't we all order a dish and then we'll share?

    • (Ballinger, romancing Hilary in the Green Room, explains the "Nine of Spades" trick)
      Ballinger: My miracle with the nine of spades is based solely on the oddity that if you multiply any number by nine and add the result repeatedly until you have only a single digit the number will always be nine. 9 x 2 is 18, 1 and 8 equals nine; 9 x 3 is 27, 2 and 7 equal nine, and so on- (as he speaks he has been pouring a glass of water for both himself and Hilary from a pitcher)-to infinity.
      Hilary: But we didn't multiply anything by nine, we multiplied by three.
      Ballinger: But I had you multiply by three twice, which is the same as multiplying by nine once. (He sits back down, placing his glass on the table, but holding the other. As he continues speaking, he rubs his hand around the second glass so we cannot see the contents.) The rest of the trick was simply stage dressing and misdirection. The audience is thinking, "There really is a thing as magic." and all the while I'm thinking, "There really is such a thing as math." (Whereupon he offers her the glass, now filled with what looks like wine.)

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