Remington Steele

Season 2 Episode 5

A Steele at Any Price

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 1983 on NBC

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  • Who would pay so much for so much bad art?

    Not all mystery shows are the same. Plots that would work well for a Rockford would fall flat if played out on "Murder, She Wrote," and vice versa. The cases and storylines have to match your protagonist, and few shows were better at that match-up than "Remington Steele." Case in point - "A Steele at Any Price" is a relatively light caper that involves art thefts, a cowardly client and the chance for Steele to run a con.

    One of the highlights of this episode is Laura's escalating excitement at the prospect of being a thief, and Steele's bemused delight in her transformation. Jeffrey Jones (he of "Ferris Bueller" fame) shows up as the heavy this week, an auction house manager with a complex plan to pass off forgeries on nefarious art collectors. He also has a penchant for an unusual type of torture, Tschaikovsky at a loud volume through headphones to extract information.

    This is a very breezy episode. There's no real sense of danger, but it's an enjoyable "chase" story and the climax is very good.
  • Torture by Tchaikovksy!

    How can you not love an episode that has torture by Tchaikovsky?!?
    This is why I like this series, it's not nail-removal or sadistic 24- style violence.
    It's an amusing tongue-in-cheek representation of someone trying to get information.

    It's great to see the rush that the normally straight-laced Laura gets from her illicit behavior. Also, I think it's the first episode that Laura gets to think of a movie reference for the episode (Remingtonn admits being stumped.)

    As always, the writing is amusing: Remington's advising his limo driver "Come back in 20 minutes & try to look inconspicuous" just before they rob an art gallery is just one of the good throwaway lines. Or Remington's worry at her zeal during their raid: "I'll admit I've been trying to lead you astray - but this is not the direction I had in mind".
    Or upon seeing shoddy artwork stored in the bathroom: "Do you suppose he's making a critical comment, do you?'

    It's always a pleasure to see Jeffrey Jones, so it's nice to see him in a guest role.

    For me, episodes like this (about art thieves) are the precursor that then made the seeing Pierce Brosnan in "Thomas Crown Affair" remake worth watching.