Remington Steele

Season 2 Episode 3

Altared Steele

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 1983 on NBC

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  • a great episode. crazy rednecks in a survivalist store. polygamous husband being stalked. what more could you ask for?

    I love the scene with the crazy rednecks shopping in the "survivalist" store ranting about Commies. The grandmother with the shopping cart of grenades is fantastic.

    The episode is amusing and clever. It's got a good movie reference to Hitchcock's Suspicion (? I think). Laura & Remington's relationship is progressing nicely. I'm still not in love with Doris Robert's slavish devotion to Remington, but I remember liking her by the end of the series, so I"m sure I'll get used to her again.

    Keep an eye for Jane K. from Malcom in the Middle as one of the wives.

    PPS. I have that same dictionary Laura uses at the end and now it cracks me up when I use it.
  • There's no shortage of suspects to kill a man with five wives.

    With a good balance of humor and mystery and several deft homages to film noir, "Altared Steele" is another great episode.

    The premise of an amnesiac client who has been marked for death has certainly been seen before in the annals of private eye fiction, but the "Steele" team twists the concept by making the mystery man a professional liar who changes his identity regularly...not unlike Mr. Steele himself. It leads to a moment of understanding between Steele and his client, and between Laura and one of the man's five wives who wonders if such a mystery man is worth waiting for.

    The scene in the gun store is funny (the gun salesman in particular) and the cocktail party with the "widows" is also a hoot. Jane Kaczmarek and Delta Burke stand out as two of the many wives. And Mildred has a great noir-style monologue when she is tasked with guarding the client in Steele's apartment.