Remington Steele

Season 1 Episode 7

Etched in Steele

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 1982 on NBC

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  • Read any good deaths lately?

    Our sleuths are called to investigate the case of a woman with many admirers, but few friends: author Charlotte Knight. Her characters’ scandals echoed her own turbulent private life. Sadly, the good agents of R.S. must discover not only who wanted to kill her, but who didn’t.

    Shannon Wilcox is deliciously wicked in the role of the doomed writer, Joel Colodner quite good as her beleaguered husband, and the rest of the cast top flight as per usual.

    Contains one of my favorite ever endings for an RS episode, with Remington thoroughly botching his vaunted solution to the crime and having to start all over again, right in front of everybody and their sister.

    “No? Then it was *you*!”

    Great, clever fun.