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Music From "Steele Trying"

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    [1]Jun 18, 2006
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    I'm hoping someone can help me out here.  I was watching "Steele Trying" from season three.  (LOVE this episode, by the way!)  When Laura and Remington are dancing, there's a song playing in the background -- "If i had a box full of wishes, I'd wish them all on you..."  Really nice song.  Does anybody know the title and/or artist?  (In the opening credits, it says "Songs Sung By Tony Bennett", but they had to change them for the DVD release for copyright reasons.)  Thanks for your help!


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    Originally, the song playing while Steele and Laura are dancing at The Top of the Mark while waiting for the stripper is While We're Young, sung by Tony Bennett. I don't know what could be on the dvd version.
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    [3]Mar 27, 2008
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    I have no idea who performed that replacement music, but it really bugs me how much that changed the tone of the episode. The original Tony Bennett songs matched the scenes much better, with lyrics appropriate to the storyline. The replacement music has a much more generic feel and the same snippets are repeated several times through the episode. The worst part is during the scene where Laura and Remington are escaping by throwing garbage can lids at the cop. At the conclusion of that scene we are treated to BOTH the original Bennett song AND the uncredited singer doing "Box full of Wishes" AT THE SAME TIME! Whoever pulled this stunt should be fired. If nothing else, I would think it negates the entire reason for changing the music in the first place since the original song is still there. If they could get away with that much of Bennett being heard, then why not just leave all of the songs alone?

    The Tony Bennett songs were so important to this episode that I made my own DVD from a VHS recording of the A&E broadcast and placed it on the shelf next to the official DVDs. Even though several minutes are missing due to editing for syndication, I still think the A&E recording is better than the one on the official DVD because the scenes were written around the songs. When I want to watch this episode I watch my homemade DVD instead.

    The other song replacements in the Remington Steele DVDs aren't nearly as invasive. In "Hearts of Steele," they simply removed the opening to the scene where Laura stumbles into the office singing The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction." That scene was missing in the A&E version, too. The last time I saw it (and probably will ever see it) was when it aired on CBN in the late '80s. Then there's the singing telegram girls in "Breath of Steele" who have their musical numbers cut short, but this doesn't take away much from the story either.

    However, another one that bothers me is the editing on Mr. Steele's watch. Originally it played "When Irish Eyes are Smiling," but now it chimes some other melody. While this doesn't change the impact of the stories in which it appears, what bothers me is if we assume that these changes were made for licensing/copyright reasons, then this one was entirely unnecessary because "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" is in the public domain!!

    With as much profit as they must be making on DVD releases, I don't know why the studios can't just pay the royalties for stuff like this and give us what we are paying for. We want to see the episodes as they originally aired. If we wanted chopped up versions we would be satisfied with our recordings of syndicated broadcasts and not pay 35 bucks a season to get them on DVD. If nothing else, I think the studios have a responsibility to indicate on the outside packaging if any editing like this has been done. I feel a little bit ripped off because I didn't know that this stuff had been changed until I actually watched the DVDs.

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