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S4&5 Box Set wins award

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    [1]Oct 8, 2006
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    The Remington Steele DVD set for Seasons Four & Five took home the award for Best 80s Series, in the 2006 TV DVD Awards, held Oct. 4.

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    How did season 4 & 5 get the award? I just watched the 5th season for the first time...very disappointed. I think seasons 1 & 2 were the best.

    The only good part to 5 was the last five minutes of "Steeled with a Kiss"! I don't know, I was told that is wasn't very good, but I loved the show and thought that everyone was just exaggerating. Well, I can't say that I don't want it to exist, but they couldn't have made it a little bit more upbeat. I think with the last three seasons there was an increasingly negative mood. Maybe it's just me, but it def. climaxed in season 5. There was less comedy and more of Steele taking over/charge and it seemed as if he was putting Laura down. But maybe I noticed this because I watched all 5 seasons within 4 days (crazy, I know), but after I finished watching the whole show, I went back and watched a few eps from the middle of season 1 and it was SO different. I think it started (very subtly) at the beginning of 3, when they had made the agreement to have a purely professional relationship.

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