Remington Steele

Season 2 Episode 20

Hounded Steele

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 15, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mildred arrives at a hotel to retrieve a dog. A man comes in and starts shooting. Mildred and the dog get out of the window successfully, but the taxi driver drives off after hearing shots fired. Later, Steele and Laura get concerned about Mildred.

Mildred continues on the run from the man who tried to kill her. She hides in a phone booth. The man goes away.

Mildred returns to the office, and faints. Later, Kevin Masters reveals that it was his dog Mildred rescued. The man comes into the office, and wants the dog. He tells Laura he doesn't want the necklace, he wants the dog. She hands the dog to the man. Masters tries to stop the dognapping, but the man hits him over the head. Laura and Steele chase the man down the hall, but shots are fired.

Later, Anatole Blaylock is revealed as the mysterious man. Blaylock kills a former Interpol man, who had been looking for Blaylock. Blaylock kills the man and then escapes through the window.

Later, Blaylock takes Mildred as his hostage, and threatens to kill her if Masters doesn't get the Jennings Diamond for him. He tells Laura and Steele that Mildred is afraid of Blaylock. Laura says they better call the police, but Steele says that Blaylock has already killed once and that Blaylock will kill again if provoked.

Masters, with help from Laura and Steele, go to the Diamond Shop.

Blaylock tells Mildred that they must be well into it by now. Mildred asks what gives Blaylock the right to make another man steal for him. Blaylocksays that that man destroyed his life. He asks if Mildred what it is like to have your name dragged through the mud, and what it is like to be shunned by one's colleagues, and to be the butt of newspaper reporters and their stupid little columns, Blaylock says that he was a good investigator, he deserves better. Blaylock calls the police and tells them that he is Inspector Anatole Blaylock of Interpol. He tells them that he has uncovered a plot to steal the Jennings Diamond that night.

Blaylock holds a gun at Mildred when her bowling team shows up. He warns her that he will kill them along with her unless she gets rid of them. Blaylock then tells Mildred to get her coat.

Blaylock takes Mildred to the pier, but she throws sand into Blaylock's eyes. He fires at Mildred, who jumps into the water.

Later, Blaylock arrives and tells them that they arrested the world-famous thief. Steele tells the police that Blaylock is the man they want. Mildred shows up and points to Blaylock saying "Arrest this man!" Blaylock pushes her aside, and tries to get away. Masters sets his dog on Blaylock, who trips over the dog. Steele kicks the gun away, and the police take Blaylock away to jail.

Back at the Remington Steele Agency, Laura and Steele tell Masters that he won't have Blaylock to worry about anymore. Blaylock is in jail, his failure snapped him for good.