Remington Steele

Season 1 Episode 1

License to Steele

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 1982 on NBC

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  • We find out that Remington Steele is a two-bit con man. He wasn\\\'t even a real person he was made up.

    Remington Steele Investigations is hired to protect rare gems called Royal Avulite. Laura Holt is head of the agency played brilliantly by Stephanie Zimablist. Her boss is a non-existent Remington Steele. She is joined by another detective Murphy Michaels and her secretary Bernie Michaels. They are protecting the jewels when a man named Ben Pearson shows up. He is from South Africa and works for the government as a special agent. But not known to them he is not Ben Pearson. He is trying to steal the gems and is being pursued by Kessler and Neif who stole the gems in the first place. He takes on Remington Steele's identity and helps save the gems. When he is found out by Laura she is upset with him and calls him a con man. Ben Pearson ends up being killed by the two thugs. Murphy and Laura find him in Remington's old room. He tells Murphy to take it to Remington's room they do and the killer confess. Laura calls him a brilliant Remington Steele all things considered. He says he won't steal the gems and gets ready to leave. The next morning the gems are stolen and they thing it is him. It turns out not to be. It is the guy who is showing them. He is pursued on a golf cart by Steele and Laura. Who capture him? The next morning it is in the papers. Laura is in the office when she goes into Remington Steele's office there he sits and it all starts. It was a great way to begin the show.
  • A definite throwback.

    This episode was exactly the correct way to start off a series. It was exciting, witty, and smart. I think that the writers, actors, and director definitely started off on the right foot when they produced this one. I was hooked immediately. I think that the witty banter between the characters was remniscent of movies from old hollywood. The comical twists and turns of the plot was also something that Cary Grant would have been proud of. It was charming and different. It didn't seem stale although the show is over twenty years old. I have only watched the first season and I don't know how the rest of the series will turn out. But whatever way that it does, the first episode will definitely stand out to me as a great piece of television.